How to Stop Programs From Automatically Running When Your Mac Starts

This brief tutorial will show you where to locate the list of programs that automatically start up each time your Mac does, and how to remove them from that list.

  1. Select the Apple Button from your Menu Bar, and then System Preferences… from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Users & Groups from the System section.

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  4. Click the Login Items tab.

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  6. Here’s the list of all the programs that are set to launch each time your Mac boots. If you see any entries that have a “yellow sign” next to them (as illustrated in the image below) – determine if it’s related to a program you previously removed. It’s possible that part of that program didn’t properly uninstall, and that’s something you should remove from your Login Items immediately. Then scroll through the list and determine if you actually need to have each item run every time your Mac starts. If it’s a program you don’t use very frequently – remove it from this list. You an always run it whenever you need to actually use it. To remove an item, select it and then click the small “minus sign” ( ) button.

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  7. Not only will your Mac start up faster with fewer items in this list, you’ll have more resources available each time you restart.

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