How to Completely Mute Your iPad

Have you ever noticed that even when you turn the volume all the way down on your iPad, and it shows you the ‘Mute’ image (see below) – you still hear notification sounds? This very brief tutorial will show you how to truly mute your iPad.

mute logo on the ipad

  1. Start out by swiping ‘up’ from the bottom of your iPad to bring up the Control Center. Even with the volume turned all the way down and having received the “mute” notification already, you’ll notice the actual Mute button is still ‘off’. Tap it.
  2. ios control center with mute disabled

  3. Now your iPad will remain completely silent.
  4. ios control center with mute enabled

  5. Yep, that’s it.

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2 thoughts on “How to Completely Mute Your iPad”

  1. Because you have to set it up from the menu. This button can be set as either orientation lock or mute. Cheers

  2. stellabystarlite

    Why is that not appearing under mine? It shows the same menu of options, except to the right of the half-moon is a lock symbol, not a bell symbol.

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