How to Force Your Android Device to Shut Down

This guide will help you force Android to shut down when all else fails.

If your Android powered smartphone comes with a removable battery you’re in luck because this is by far the easiest way to force it to shut down – take the battery out. Then pop it back in and start your phone as normal. If you don’t have a removable battery, keep reading.

On most Android devices (phones and tablets), you can force restart your device by holding the Power button while pushing the Volume Down button at the same time. Hold them down until the phone goes ‘blank’ (finally powers off) and then boots up (starts) again. After it starts up normally, if you want to power it off and keep it powered off, try holding down the Power button by itself.

a forced Android shut down

On a few Android phones, you have to hold down the Power button and both Volume buttons (the Up and Down Volume buttons).

If none of the above steps work for you, visit Google and run a search for your phone model and then the word “manual” in order to find a digital copy of your phones operating manual, or search for your phones specific model with the phrase “force power off”. If you need help determining your exact phone model, follow these 3 quick steps:

  1. If you’re able to operate your phone at all, tap the Settings button.
  2. android settings button

  3. Locate and select the About device section.
  4. the above device section in the Android settings menu

  5. Now find the Model number section.
  6. Android Model Settings section

  7. Use the exact Model number (letters, dashes and all) when running a search that includes the word (or phrase) “manual” or “force restart”.

If your device is completely frozen and you aren’t able to figure out the exact model number, search for the device name (example, “Samsung Galaxy S4 force restart” (which by the way, happens to be the ‘default’ hold down Power and Volume Down at the same time).

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