How to Delete Android Apps

This very quick guide will show you how to uninstall Apps from your Android smartphone or tablet.

The screenshots (images) used in this tutorial are from an Android device running version 5.0 (also called “Lollipop”). The steps will be nearly (if not completely) identical even if you’re not using the same version.

  1. Tap the Settings button on your Android device.
  2. the Android settings button

  3. In the list of all of your Settings, locate the Applications item and tap it.
  4. the Applications entry in the Android Settings menu

  5. Now locate the Application manager and give it a tap.
  6. the Android Applications settings options with Application Manager highlighted

  7. By default, you’ll probably be looking at a list of all the Android Apps that you’ve downloaded. Scroll through the list and look for the App you want to remove from your phone or tablet. Once you’ve found it, tap it. Now skip down to Step #7 below. Note: if you can’t find the App you want to delete, continue with step #5.
  8. The Downloaded view of the Android Application Manager

  9. Since you couldn’t find the App you want to uninstall in the DOWNLOADED list, let’s view the list of all of the Apps on your Android device. In the same column that includes the DOWNLOADED list, “swipe” to the right…
  10. the Android Application Manager locations

  11. … until you arrive at the ALL list. Scroll through the list of all of your Apps until you locate the one you want to delete. Tap it once.
  12. a list of Android Apps in the Application Manager

  13. Tap the UNINSTALL button.
  14. the Android App uninstall button

  15. When prompted for confirmation, tap the UNINSTALL ‘link’.
  16. Android uninstall confirmation window

  17. Depending on your device and version of Android, you’ll probably receive some kind of message once the App has been deleted.
  18. Android App removal confirmation message

  19. There are a couple of things that should also be mentioned: if you noticed a lot of things in the “ALL” list that you don’t recognize, don’t uninstall them. The ALL list contains programs that Android requires to function correctly.

    Your Android phone or Tablet may also have Apps that can’t be uninstalled. If that’s the case, you won’t find an Uninstall button, but you will probably find a “disable” button. Use that to stop the App from running.

  20. Disable an Android App

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