How to Customize the Vivaldi Speed Dial Icons

This guide will show you how to use custom images for your “Speed Dial” sites in Vivaldi.

macOS desktop with Vivaldi

Here’s how you can use your own images as thumbnails for the ‘Speed Dial’ in Vivaldi –

  1. When a site is added to your Speed Dial, Vivaldi will take a ‘screenshot’ of that site to use as the thumbnail. As with most things in Vivaldi, they’re entirely customizable. Hover your cursor over a current thumbnail and a small ‘plus sign’ symbol (+) will appear in the bottom left corner. Click it.
  2. Navigate to an image on your drive to use instead of the default one, and select it.
  3. Vivaldi will use that image as the thumbnail from now on.
  4. As you may have guessed, animated images are supported as well, so you can really make your Speed Dial pop. Match your Speed Dial background with your Desktop wallpaper for some next level slickness :)

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3 thoughts on “How to Customize the Vivaldi Speed Dial Icons”

  1. You might mention that you need to keep the icon files in the location you used when you fed it to Vivaldi. It would be nice if Vivaldi made a copy so you don’t get a blank image if you delete or move the icon file.

  2. Any idea on the size/aspect-ratio needed? I’ve been playing around trying to get an image in, but vivaldi keeps cropping it making look silly.

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