How to Watch IPTV On Your Mac

This guide will show you exactly how to watch IPTV on your Mac – using free software you probably already have installed!

IPTV on a Mac

There are two things you’ll need to watch IPTV – an IPTV provider and a device to watch it on.

The IPTV provider we recommend is NecroIPTV – and here’s why:

  1. It’s stable. It’s worked on every device in every App I’ve thrown at it – not just my Mac.
  2. Over 1300 channels. Whatever channel it is you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it – particularly if you’re looking for one in the US, UK, Germany or Canada.
  3. It’s remarkably inexpensive. Best of all, there’s a completely free 24 hour trial (no credit card, Paypal, or payment info of any kind required). You can give it a try and if it’s not for you – there’s nothing else you have to do.
  4. It works on multiple devices at the same time – so you can watch IPTV on your computer at work while a friend/family member is watching it elsewhere on a completely different device.
  5. It allows you to use a VPN – no one needs to know what you’re doing online.

Obviously it does not matter if you’re using a different IPTV provider – these instructions will work for any .m3u based IPTV service.

Remember: Using a VPN while streaming anything is a good idea. If you need help setting one up on your Mac, we have a step by step guide explaining exactly how to do it.

With all of that out of the way – let’s jump it!

  1. Do you already have VLC installed? If so, you’re ready to go! If not, download and install VLC from here first, then proceed to step #2. Note: Installing VLC is a breeze, it’s free and open source, and the general consensus is that it’s the best media player for macOS. I strongly agree.
  2. Locate the .m3u file that your IPTV service provided you with. If you don’t have one, again, we strongly recommend NecroIPTV – it’ll take you less than 2 minutes to sign-up and download the .m3u file. Right-click (ctrl-click) the file, select Open With and then VLC. If VLC is the default already, the next time you want to watch IPTV just double-click the .m3u file instead of right-clicking it. If it’s not the default but you’d like it to be, we have a guide that explains exactly how to make VLC your default .m3u App (opens in a new window/tab).
  3. VLC will open and start your TV stream right away. Yes, it’s that easy.
  4. Now you’ll want to change the channel :) Click the Show/Hide Playlist button from the bottom menu in VLC (see screenshot).
  5. If you don’t see a Show/Hide Playlist button don’t fret – just select Window from the main macOS menu, and then Playlist… from the drop-down menu.
  6. When you’re watching IPTV in VLC the Playlist view is actually the “channel listing” – double-click one of them to change the channel.
  7. Ta-da!
  8. You have to admit, that was remarkably simple :)
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  • Omar August 29, 2018, 11:31 am

    Could you give me another option to watch m3u lists on mac? I would like to see the channels in groups instead of the channel listing as in VLC. I even bought 2 different apps in the app store and none of them works. I use a Mac Mini. Thanks

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