How to Add Color Back to Title Bars in Windows 10

Among the more noticable changes to the overall Windows 10 interface was the removal of coloring from title bars. Hidden among the settings is the ability to “put the color back” into the title bars, and this short guide will show you how to do just that :)

windows 10 notepad app with and without color in the title bars

  1. Navigate to the Windows Settings and select the Personalization category.
  2. screenshot of the main windows 10 settings window with Personalization highlighted

  3. Select Themes from the column on the left side of the screen.
  4. screenshot of the windows 10 Personalization column of options

  5. Locate the item named Color and click it.
  6. screenshot of windows 10 personalization theme settings

  7. Scroll down the Colors options and then place a check-mark in the box labelled Title bars
  8. screenshot of the windows 10 title bar color option

  9. Right away you’ll notice that the title bar for the Windows Settings screen itself regained its color. That’s it, you’re done!
  10. screenshot of the windows 10 settings screen with a colored titled bar

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