How to Fix the DriverSetupUtility Window From Constantly Appearing

Have you been experiencing a command prompt window that pops up out of nowhere then suddenly disappears? Does it repeatedly mention something about “DriverSetupUtility”? We’ll help you stop that window from appearing at all.

the DriverSetupUtility command prompt error

The long and short of it is that an unnecessary utility on your PC is causing this to happen and the way to resolve it is to uninstall that utility and delete any folders that it may have been left behind. Here’s how to do just that.

  1. Navigate to the Add/Remove Programs part of the Window Settings. In Windows 10, this is done by clicking the Start Button -> Settings and then select Apps.
  2. Locate an App titled DriverSetupUtility, Driver Setup Utility, Acer Drivers Update Utility or Acer Driver Setup Utility (it seems as though the name may vary by version). Once you’ve found it, select it and Uninstall it.
  3. Now you’ll have to look for and delete a few folders. Open up a File Explorer to look for and delete the following folders:

    C:\Program Files\DriverSetupUtility\
    C:\ProgramData\Packard Bell\updater2\
    C:\Users\All Users\DriverSetupUtility

    If you find any of the above folders, delete them.

  4. screenshot of a file explorer with the DriverSetupUtility folder selected

  5. Now reboot. At this point your system should be clear of the Driver Setup Utility and that window will no longer appear.

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