How to Access Emojis in Windows the Super-Easy Way

Using a small and free App you’ll always be 2 clicks away from being able to ‘paste’ any emoji into your Windows apps or in a browser (Twitter, Gmail etc). This quick guide will show you how to install and use the App.

This app works in Windows versions 7, 8.x and 10, but the screenshots and steps in this guide are from Windows 10. If you’re using Windows 7 or 8 you should be able to follow along just fine, the images and steps are very similar.

  1. Head over to the the TwemojiTray download page and download the file Double-click the .zip file to open it, then select the Extract all button.
  2. Click the Browse

  3. I opted to put them in my C:\Program Files (x86) folder. You certainly don’t, but it’s as good a place as any – it is a ‘program file’ after all :)
  4. No matter where you decide to store the files, make sure there’s a check in the box labelled Show extracted files when complete and then click the Extract button.
  5. Depending on where you opted to extract the files you may be prompted with a message asking you to grant administrative privileges. Click Continue if so.
  6. Once the files have been extracted a window will open displaying the newly created emoji-toolbar folder. Open it.
  7. Inside you’ll find a win32 folder – open that one.
  8. Finally! Find the file named emoji-toolbar.exe and double-click it to run the app.
  9. Depending on your Windows settings, you may be prompted with a security warning window. Click the More info link at the end of the description.
  10. Click the Run away button. Please keep in mind this app is perfectly safe – in fact it’s open source so you can look at all the code yourself if you’d like.
  11. Ta-da! A new icon will appear in your System Tray. Give it a click.
  12. A small pop-up window will appear with a large, scrollable list of all of the standardized emojis. You can even search for them using the small search box.
  13. When you locate the emoji you want to use simply give it a click.
  14. That will automatically copy the emoji to your Windows clipboard.
  15. Now open a browser window or App, right-click and select Paste or use the keyboard combination Ctrl + v to paste the emoji wherever your cursor is currently residing.
  16. Repeat as needed!
  17. If you’d like to set TwemojiTray to open up automatically each time Windows starts, just follow the steps outlined in this tutorial.

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  1. Wow, this is the first time I know that Windows 10 comes with Emojis. Thanks for sharing I will try this easy way :)

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