How to Automatically Skip Introductions in Netflix

If you’re tired of having to manually click the Skip Intro button while watching Netflix in Chrome, this extension is for you!

  1. Head over to the Super Netflix page on the Google Chrome Store and install it as you would any other Chrome Extension. Once that’s done, click the new Super Netflix icon from the upper-right corner in Chrome.
  2. On the settings screen, scroll down to the section titled Automatically Skip Intro! and click the ‘pull down’ menu. Select Skip Intro
  3. Confirm that Skip Intro has been selected
  4. Scroll further down until you find the SAVE! button and give it a click.
  5. That’s it – you’re all done. From now on when when you’re watching Netflix if an intro appears, it’ll be automatically skipped with no action from you required. Note: if you have Netflix open in Chrome right now you’ll need to refresh the tab in order for the changes to take place.

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