How to Better Type on Your iPhone with One Hand

This quick guide will provide you with a couple of tips that make it significantly easier to type on your iPhone using just one hand.

Unfortunately we only have two hands, and sometimes we can only dedicate one of them to our iPhone. The good folks over at Apple realized this, and have added a few features that make it much simpler to type and reach all parts of the screen while holding your iPhone with just one hand.

  1. The first one-handed feature is to move the keyboard closer to your thumb – which is particularly helpful for those who have a “Plus” model iPhone. To do so, tap and hold down the ‘smiley face’ key on your keypad. Note: depending on your settings, the button on your keyboard may have a ‘globe’ icon instead of the smiley-face icon.
  2. Select the button in the bottom right corner if you hold your phone with your right hand or the button in the bottom left corner if you hold your phone with your left hand.
  3. Ta-da! Your keyboard will shift over making it much easier for your thumb to reach each of the buttons.
  4. There’s also a way to quickly shift your entire screen ‘down’ – bringing the top of the screen within reach of your thumb. Use your thumb to double-tap (not click) – the Home button on your iPhone. Whatever is currently being displayed on your iPhone will shift towards the bottom of the screen, making it easier to reach with your thumb (see screenshot below).
  5. a screenshot of an iphone with the screen shifted towards the bottom

  6. You may want to check out this quick tip on how to move your iPhone cursor the easy way as it’s also quite helpful for one-handed typists :)

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