How to Control an iPad or iPhone With a Mouse

This guide will show you how to setup and use a mouse with your iPad or iPhone.

Finally, with the arrival of iOS 13, you can control your iPad or iPhone (or even iPod Touch!) with a mouse. It’s a bit buried in the Settings, but we’ll take you step-by-step through the whole process. All you’ll need is for your device to be running iOS 13 (or iPadOS) and a Bluetooth mouse.

  1. Select Settings from your Home screen or wherever you’ve moved it.
  2. Select Accessibility
  3. Select Touch from the PHYSICAL AND MOTOR section.
  4. Select AssistiveTouch
  5. Toggle the switch for AssistiveTouch to ON
  6. Scroll down a bit to the POINTER DEVICES section and select Devices
  7. Select Bluetooth Devices…
  8. Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch will now scan for a nearby Bluetooth mouse – make sure it’s on and currently broadcasting (discoverable).
  9. When it’s found, select it.
  10. Once the connection has been made you’ll be able to use your mouse with your device! You’ll notice the mouse pointer is a grey circle (see screenshot below).
  11. the mouse pointer icon for ios

  12. Select the small ‘i’ icon (see screenshot below) next to the connected mouse (note: now that your mouse is connected, try using it to finish this guide).
  13. Select Customize Mouse Buttons
  14. From here you can see what the buttons on your mouse are currently configured to do, and change them if you wish. To make a change, select the corresponding button.
  15. You’ll be presented with a rather long list of ‘actions’ that mouse button can be used to perform. You can always return to this section should you need or want to change what one of your mice buttons does.
  16. All done!

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  1. Brilliant. I always wanted to use a mouse with my iPhone. Now I just need a flat surface large enough to use a mouse.

    OMG that would be my desk where my desktop computer is :P

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