How to Print From an Amazon Fire

This guide will show you how to print from your Amazon Fire tablet.

In order to print from your Amazon Fire you’ll need to use a network connected printer and have your Amazon Fire connected to that same network.

  1. Start out by tapping the Settings button on your Amazon Fire home screen.
  2. the amazon fire settings button

  3. Select Connected devices from the list of options.
  4. Select Printing
  5. Select Mopria Print Service
  6. Make sure the ON/OFF toggle is switched to ON which will allow your device to search for nearby printers.
  7. After a few moments your printer should be displayed. If it isn’t, proceed with the next step – otherwise jump down to step #10 below.
  8. Tap the “3 dots” icon towards the upper-right corner of your screen and select Add printer
  9. Tap the “plus sign” ( + ) button.
  10. Enter in a name for your wireless printer in the Preferred Name field and then enter the IP address of your printer. If you’re unsure of your printers IP address refer to the documentation that came with your printer. Click OK and then follow any additional instructions.
  11. Now that your Fire tablet has discovered the printer, try printing something.
  12. When prompted, tap the Select a printer option.
  13. Choose your printer from the list.
  14. Finally, tap the yellow “Print” button.
  15. Tap OK to confirm you want to use the Mopria Print Service.
  16. Your document will now print! The status will be displayed in your Notification screen.
  17. All done!

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