How to Clear the Browser History and Cache on the Amazon Fire

This short but detailed guide will show you how to clear the browsing history (the list of sites you’ve visited) and cache (the files on your device that were downloaded from those sites) on your Amazon Fire tablet.

There are a couple of ways to get there, but we’ll go with the fastest –

  1. Open the browser by tapping the Silk Browser icon.
  2. the Amazon Silk browser app icon

  3. Tap the “3 dashes” button (see screenshot below) found towards the upper-left corner of the app to open up the Amazon Silk menu.
  4. an arrow pointing at the 3 dashes Settings button in the Silk Browser

  5. Select Settings from the Amazon Silk menu.
  6. an arrow pointing to Settings in the Silk menu

  7. Select Privacy from the Silk Settings menu.
  8. an arrow pointing at the Privacy section of the Silk Settings

  9. This time select the Clear browsing data line.
  10. an arrow pointing to a link titled Clear browsing data

  11. The Clear browsing data section will open up. If it isn’t displayed by default, select Advanced so that you can see all of the options. First you’ll need to decide how far back you’d like to clear the history and/or cache etc. Tap the Last hour item (see screenshot below)
  12. the Silk Browser Clear Browsing History panel with an arrow pointing at the Last hour time setting

  13. Choose the timeframe you want to clear the history, cache and other data from. If you want to clear all of your browsing history, make sure to select All time
  14. the list of timing options to clear the history and cache on the amazon fire

  15. Now decide what you’d like to have deleted. Place a check in the box next to the item you want to ensure gets wiped clear. If you want to make sure all traces of your browsing history are removed, place a check in every box. Click the Clear data button when you’re ready.
  16. selecting items to clear from the Silk browser

  17. You may also get a ‘confirmation’ window – click the CLEAR button if you do.
  18. a confirmation window in the Silk browser

  19. That’s it! Keep in mind that any sites you visit on your Amazon Fire after you clear the history and cache will reappear until they’re cleared again.

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