How to Remove Sponsored Posts & Other Annoying Facebook Content

This guide will show you how to use a browser add-on to completely change the way you experience Facebook by allowing you to remove Sponsored ads, App & Game requests, Stories & much more.

F.B. Purity is a browser add-on that lets you customize your Facebook wall, profile and much more. It’s been around for ages and is considered trustworthy and safe to use. It’s also very frequently updated, so if a featured stops working because Facebook changed something, the F.B. Purity team update the add-on quickly to resolve any problems.

Best of all, it’s available for every major desktop browser, including: Chrome (and Chrome-based browsers like Vivaldi), Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera. Click on the link that represents your browser to install it, or visit the F.B. Purity installation page and install it from there. In most cases it’s as easy as clicking a button and following a couple of steps. Safari is a bit more involved, but really you just need to install another add-on first.

Proceed with step #1 once you have F.B. Purity installed.

  1. Head over to The first time you visit Facebook after installing F.B. Purity you’ll be greeted with a welcome message. Click the “X” in the upper-right corner to close the message.
  2. screenshot of a web browser with the F.B. Purity welcome message

  3. One thing you’ll probably notice right away is the new “FBP” button in the main toolbar. This is your gateway to the F.B. Purity settings – give it a click.
  4. the FBP button in the Facebook toolbar

  5. There are a lot of settings and options. Don’t let this intimidate you, it’s all quite easy to understand and configure. As you can see, FBP blocks “Sponsored” posts (ads) and Game/App posts by default.
  6. the main F.B. Purity Settings screen
    click to enlarge

  7. Close out of the FBP settings and take a look at your Facebook ‘wall’. You’ll see a new line right above the posts on your wall titled F.B. Purity hid:. This is where FBP lets you know how many items it blocked (hid) and lets you review them. As illustrated in the screenshot below, FBP blocked 2 app related posts, and 2 ‘other’ posts. If your F.B. Purity hid: line doesn’t have any items in it, scroll down your wall – it will update as your wall expands. Once FBP has found something to hide, click the Show link.
  8. a new menu in Facebook to remove Sponsored posts and other content

  9. FBP will show you exactly what it blocked. It will also include a small “WL” link in the upper-right corner of the posts it blocks. WL stands for “whitelist” – so if there is an app or game you do want to see on your wall, you can add it to your whitelist and FBP will no longer block/hide it.
  10. a blocked game with an arrow pointing at the whitelist link

  11. Another large frequent ‘waste of space’ on your Facebook wall is the People You May Know section.
  12. an example of the People You May Know panel on Facebook

  13. Go back to the F.B. Purity Settings by clicking the large FBP button in your toolbar. In the More Options section, place a check next to People You May Know
  14. an arrow pointing to a checkmark next to the People You May Know box

  15. Now click the Save and Close button. This ensures the new setting is saved, and refreshes your Facebook page with those new settings applied. In this case, the People You May Know section will stop appearing on your wall.
  16. an arrow pointing to a button titled Save and Close

  17. The only way to really figure out everything F.B. Purity can do is to go through the options one by one. Start with the Newsfeed Filters section.
  18. remove sponsored facebook content settings

  19. A big list of all the various things that FBP can hide from your wall.
  20. list of ways to hide certain Facebook elements

  21. The “catch all” way to hide content using FBP is the Text filter. This lets you block content that matches a keyword or phrase no matter who or what posts it. You can use it to filter out things like sports, politicians, celebrities or products.
  22. remove Facebook content by keyword not just sponsored content

  23. Keep reviewing the various options and settings and eventually you’ll have a version of Facebook that completely suits your needs.

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