How to Access Outlook or Hotmail From Edge Without Opening a Tab

This brief tutorial explains how you can now access your or email from within the Microsoft Edge browser, without having to open a tab or new window.

Microsoft recently and quietly released a preview version of an add-on for the Edge browser named Microsoft Outlook (don’t ask me, I didn’t name it). The add-on puts a small icon in your browser toolbar and when you click that icon you’re presented with a condensed but very detailed look at your or inbox. You can view your emails, compose and respond to emails (easily attach photos/files), delete, flag or archive messages and much, much more. Here’s how to get started using the Microsoft Outlook add-on for Edge –

  1. Head over to the Microsoft Outlook add-on page and click the Get button. Unlike most of the add-ons for Edge, this one is only for Edge and doesn’t work in Chrome or any other Chromium-based browsers.
  2. install the Microsoft Outlook extension for Microsoft Edge

  3. Click the Add extension button when prompted.
  4. installing an extension in Edge

  5. A new icon will appear in your toolbar. Give it a click.
  6. the Edge toolbar with an arrow pointing at the Microsoft Outlook extension icon

  7. Now click the Sign in button.
  8. an arrow pointing to a sign in button

  9. Enter your email address and then click the Next button. You may also be asked to enter your password – do so if it’s requested.
  10. the authentication screen for

  11. Now your Inbox will load inside a small panel that expands from the Microsoft Outlook icon in your taskbar. To compose an email from within this panel, click the plus sign ( + ) button.
  12. an email inbox inside of the Outlook addon for Edge

  13. A condensed ‘compose an email’ screen will load within the Microsoft Outlook panel. This minimal version lacks pretty much all formatting options but it can be quite handy if you’re referring to a web page a lot while writing the email, as it hovers right above the page.
  14. composing an email within a browser addon

  15. When you click a link within an email in the Microsoft Outlook add-on panel it opens in new tab in Edge, as you’d expect.
  16. an email with links

  17. When you hover your cursor over an email a series of 4 icons will appear, and selecting one of those icons allows you to quickly delete the email, archive the email, flag the email or pin the email.
  18. the email options buttons for Outlook in Edge

  19. There’s also a series of tabs at the bottom of the panel – those tabs are your Calendar, Contacts and To-Do list – making this add-on that much more helpful.
  20. arrows pointing at tabs for Calendar, Contacts and To-Do list

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