How to Customize the macOS System Preferences

This short guide will show you how to customize the macOS System Preferences so that only the items you use on a regular basis are displayed.

After 10 major versions of OS X/macOS, you can finally customize the System Preferences! It’s quick and easy to do and will save you from having to scan through a lot of icons to find the one you want each time you open the System Preferences. Here’s how –

  1. Click the Apple icon in the menu bar and select System Preferences…
  2. the macOS Apple Menu with an arrow pointing at System Preferences

  3. You’ll be presented with the System Preferences that we all know and love.
  4. a screenshot of the macOS System Preferences

  5. Now try clicking View and then select Customize…
  6. a View menu with an arrow pointing at the Customize item

  7. Remove the check marks from the boxes of items that you do not want to see. Click the Done button when you’re done. Note: you will still be able to access these items, easily, they just won’t be displayed here in the main System Preferences window.
  8. the macOS System Preferences with each icon displaying a check-box

  9. Ta-da! A much smaller and more manageable version of the System Preferences.
  10. the macOS System Preferences after using the customize feature

  11. You can always access each of the System Preferences, hidden or not, by clicking View and selecting it.
  12. the View menu in macOS

If you’re looking for some other cook ways to customize your Mac why not try setting a web page as your Desktop background or accessing your files and Apps via the Menu Bar?

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