Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Motorola SBG1000

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Manufacturer: Motorola Model: SBG1000
Modem Light Indicators
(1) RX

Flashing – Scanning for downstream channel.
Solid – Downstream channel is connected.

(2) TX Flashing – Scanning for upstream channel.
Solid – Upstream channel is connected.
(3) LNK Flashing – Scanning for a network connection.
Solid – Modem is acquired.
(4) Flashes in sync with data transmission.
(5) Flashing – Indicates data activity with printer.
Solid – Printer connection is detected.
(6 ) Flashing – Indicates data activity over wireless lan.
Solid – Wireless lan is functioning properly.
(7) Flashing – Indicates activity over the USB interface.
Solid – A functional USB connection is detected.
(8) Activity Flashes in sync with activity on each ethernet port.
(9) 10/100 Solid Amber – Indicates 10BaseT connection.
Solid Green – Indicates 100BaseT connection.
(10) Half/Full Solid Amber – Indicates half duplex.
Solid Green – Indicates full duplex.
(11) LINK 1-5

Solid – A functional ethernet connection is detected
on port.
Off – No ethernet connection is detected on port.

(12) Flashes in sync with activity over phone line using HPNA.

Power light. Solid when power supply is working properly and
unit is on.

(1) Printer Port.
(2) Two antennas to enhance wireless connections.
(3) HPNA ports.
(4) Ethernet ports.
(5) USB port.
(6) Reset Button.
(7) Coaxial cable port.
(8) Power plug.
Notes and Useful Information:

This is a cable modem w/ built in router.
Installation and User Manual
Manufacturer Product Website

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  2. I have a device which uses an ip address of something like Is there a way to get the sbg1000 to accept this address? Currently all I can get is an address of I need the 3rd digit.



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