Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Com21 DP1110XB2

Light patterns, images, manuals and more helpful info for the Com21 DP1110XB2 cable modem –

Manufacturer: Com21 Model: DP1110XB2
Modem Light Indicators

Off – Modem is not receiving power.
On – Modem power is activated and receiving power.


Flashing Fast (1/2 sec) – Finding downstream frequency.
Flashing Slow (1 sec) – Finding upstream frequency.
On – Modem is acquired.

LAN On – Valid ethernet connection detected.
Flashing – Data is being transmitted.

On – Valid USB connection is detected.
Flashing – Data is being transmitted.

Notes and Useful Information:

Certain versions of this modem may not have a USB port. In this case, the LAN and USB lights are replaced with a RX and TX light which indicate receiving and transmitting data.

Installation and User Manual
Manufacturer Product Website

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