How to disable Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop in Windows XP

Why should you disable Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop? Because either service could be used or exploited by an attacker to gain remote access to your system. The steps to disable these services are outlined below..

  1. Click Start and then Control Panel
  2. Select Performance and Maintenance
  3. Select System
  4. Click the Remote tab and remove the check marks from the boxes labeled Allow Remote Assistance invitations to be sent from this computer and Allow users to connect remotely to this computer

  5. Click to enlarge

  6. Click Apply and then OK. Should you ever need to re-enable remote assistance, you’ll know how :)

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  • shashi

    thank you so much.. i ll try this out and get back to you guys.. :)

  • John Paul

    After the update, my computer got me a headache then finally I found this site…Thank you very much!

  • Sam

    there is some trojan out there that doesn’t go through system properties, but somehow changes the setting to get on my computer. Even the anti virus can’t find it, because I think it keeps replacing itself.