Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Scientific Atlanta DPC2100

Light patterns, images, manuals and more helpful info for the Scientific Atlanta DPC2100 cable modem –

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Manufacturer: Scientific Atlanta Model: DPC2100
Modem Light Indicators
PC Flashing – data being transferred between the PC and the cable modem
Solid – indicates Ethernet/USB carrier is present
Cable Flashing – modem is scanning the network and attempting to register
Solid – modem is acquired
Send flashes in sync with data sent from the cable modem to the network
Receive flashes in sync with data received from the network to the cable modem
Power Solid – power is being applied to the cable modem
Notes and Useful Information

Installation and User Manual
Manufacturer Website
Manufacturer Product Page

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  3. Hello i have the 2100 and when i connect it to the internet cable “phone line” it start to tweak with the lights even the power light what should i do

  4. k my prob is that sometimes me and my bro will just be on and we get dc idk but i think it has something to do with the cable cause it doesnt blink on the cable and then later it will work and then ill get dc instead im going to my isp and tell them to fix it thats why im paying to have internet not to get dc

  5. Desde que intalè el moden DPC2100 el CPU seme reinicia por lo menos 3 veces diarias y me dice que el controlador no està actualizado, y controlador yò lo bajè de la pagina de Scientific Atlanta, diganme como se puede resolver este problema…….Gracias

  6. After trying all of these, which all failed to yield any results

    I finally tried this one, which WORKED FOR ME:

    Pull down menu to Access level 2

    Password: W2402

    Press “return to main page”

    Now I’m just having trouble setting up….. again…… /wrists (//_-) ….. my home network/router….

    Most of this info I recieved from user Jimmy. Thank you very much for your help! The only problem with your comment(s) is that you listed the appropriate HTTP but your original IP address was the correct one, not the finalized one you listed. I just combined the two.

  7. Hola muy buenas, mi modelo es EPC2100R2 creo que es el mismo que sale en la foto, por lo menos las conexiones y el diseño son idénticos, alguien me podría ayudar? :(

    que necesito comprar para que me de WIFI en toda mi casa, y donde deveria conectarlo :(

  8. Scientific Atlanta DPC2100 not functioning well when connected two pc, one to ethernet port and other connected t usb port.such situation pc connected through ethernet port could have access internet and the other one connected by usb port could not find proper ip.pls find me help.

  9. hola tengo un problema, formatie mi maquina y no sabia que mi modem tenia drivers y no tengo el cd para instalarlo… alguien me podria pasar los drivers para conectar con usb?

  10. hola me gustaria saber si el pueto usb del modem se puede utilizar para pillar internet. si se pudiera explicarme como se hace. gracias

  11. Jeremy Washington

    Yes i am having erros on the xbox consule saying mtu settings need to be the minimum of 1364 and i was wondering if yaw can change my mtu settings

  12. Deseo configurar el puerto USB para conectarme por ahi a internet mediante el modem dpx2100 cable modem marca webstar pero no encuentro los Drivers me pueden apoyar enviandomelos..


  13. Deseo configurar el puerto USB de mi modem dpx2100 para poder salir por ahi a Internet pero no encuentro los Drivers para instalarlos alguien tendra por ahi los drivers para configurar el puerto USB del Modem..


  14. tengo un moden cientifico atlanta de ono y me an dado un ruter speedtounch quisiera saber como puedo conectarlo al moden para qu peuda tener red inalambrica para el portatil. muchas gracias

  15. @Jose- I’m having the same problem with a WRT54G2 and WebSTAR DPC2100R2, it appears to be randomly kicking off the dhcp, causing all wireless connections to fail until modem/ap power cycle. I’ve tried changing mtu, no difference. Any chance that the modem is attempting to also assign IP addresses to the access point’s clients causing confusion?

  16. I have a Linksys WRT54G2 and i noticed another person posted problems with this router connecting the the internet via the modem. I’m still going through this problem with my laptop which i used both wired and wireless. Is anyone else having this problem? solution?

  17. Marco Vinicio Solares

    Puede alguien proporcionarme los drivers del cable modem DPC2100 o indicarme donde los puesdo descargar.
    Agradecere mucho su ayuda.

  18. My Bell Scientific analog cable box is stuck on Channel 22 and I am getting a L-01 reading. It can’t even be switched off manually. Help!

  19. Hello. I know that service through this modem is tricky (as I use one myself). I’ll give you guys some advice.

    First, make sure that when checking the IP of the device, you check the right IP address ( If you check, you’ll be checking a different piece of hardware (usually the first device on your router).

    As for how to tell where the issue is, for those using a router, there’s a simple tool built into windows. Go to start>run and type in “cmd” (without quotes). This will bring you to a command prompt screen. Type in “tracert” (again, without quotes) and hit enter. The first item you’ll see will be your router. The second will be your modem. The third should be the local hub. Anything after that is just a list of other routers your signal takes to get to Google’s website and can be ignored. If there’s asterisks at any point, the signal is getting lost at or before that point.

    I chose Google because of it’s speed and reliability.

    my solution… if your ISP can give you another model (motorola would be an excelent choice…) it will be the one and only solution to this problem… this webstar model does not support MTU configuration and most of the ISP would not changue that number in their configurations… sorry but that was my one and only solution after 2 months of TECHNICAL SUPPORT VISITS of my ISP… a shame i supouse…

  21. Sorry about the comment on spanish, but i need help with my modem cuz i can’t get into the configuration menu, i already try IP’s and many many others not even with the gateway or dhcp ip from the out of the command “ipconfig /all” . Could anyone please let me know how i can get into. Thanks in Advance.

  22. Por favor si alguien sabe como entrar a la configuracion del modem, que me pase como debo entrar ya he probado con varias IP en el explorer, no funcionan tampoco con la que me da la salida de ipconfig como puerta de enlace o como dhcp, ya nose como entrar para ver si hay algunos puertos bloqueados para jugar al pes2009. Desde ya Muchas Gracias

  23. Re response by Ross McKillop 05.03.08 at 9:19 am to Zak…

    The following is directly from the mfr’s (DPC 2100 and EPC 2100) Cable Modem User’s Guide:

    “Connect your PC to either the ETHERNET port or the USB port using the
    appropriate data cable. Do not connect your PC to both the Ethernet and
    USB ports at the same time. You can connect two separate PCs to the
    gateway cable modem at the same time by connecting one PC to the
    Ethernet port and one PC to the USB port.”

  24. alexandro matz

    Tengo el cable modem dcp 2100r2 y al cargar una pagina tarda mas de 1 minuto tengo el servicio de 6mb, pero trabajo con Mac Os X, si lo conecto a windows xp o vista funciona de maravilla, pero que tengo q hacer para q funcione en Mac bien. gracias

  25. not true about useing usb and ethernet conections at the same time.
    my ethernet card is fried so i stoped using it and now im using usb.
    my dad still useing ethernet and we both on same time and we dont get kicked off. my questions on the specs for the numrxbuffers and the numtxbuffers i wanna know a good setting for them.
    if ya can help would really apreciate it

  26. hola tengo una consulta…
    tengo este modem Scientific Atlanta 2100 conectado al cable de tv por donde viene la linea y lo tengo conectado con una sola pc directamente.. asi me funiona perfecto..
    pero ahora tengo otra computadora y quiero q tenga internet.. queria saber como hacer, con respeto al router y demas.. para poder tener internet en ambas computadoras las cuales se encuantran alejadas una de otra…


  27. Hey,

    I have previously installed the driver, as I’m using it in my second computer with a USB cable, and it all worked fine. Suddenly today, I get a message saying that Windows (Vista) doesn’t recognize the USB device. The modem is shown in the list of devices as ‘Unknown Device’. I re-downloaded the drivers from the official site and tried to update that ‘Unknown Device’, it responded saying the device already has the most up-to-date drivers. I tried uninstalling it and installing it (even after rebooting), to no avail. I’m using Windows Vista (Home version) in a HP 6730s laptop. What can possibly be the problem?

    Thanks for your time,

  28. Consegui acessar as informações atraves do, como dito acima, mas só dá pra acessar informações. Gostaria de uma maneira pra mexer nas configurações, pra tentar ver como configuraram a velocidade da internet, pois acho q está bem abaixo da velocidade contratada.

  29. Hi, I noticed the comment from a few others about local IP address of the Cisco/Scientific Atlanta Cable Modem Modl RPC 2100. This local IP is useful to access the “admin page” of a modem from a PC on the same internal network.
    Soemone (Jimmy) said that the local IP was (the same as the Motorla cable modem.
    However that address ( dpes not bring up any web-page interface. I can PING that address from the router which I have connected to the cable modem.
    Jimmy correctled that web-page address , to be:-
    But thgis does not work either, and ai cannot PING from it attached router.
    Any ideas how to access the admin web-page of this cable modem?

  30. alguien tiene el disco de instalacion de este modem lo necesito con urgencias xq no puedo encontrar los drivers
    se los agradeceria si me lo mandaran ami correo …

    gracias .

  31. Bruna Araujo dwe Castro

    Gostaria de compartilhar meu moden scientific atlanta com outros micros . ´e só comprar um swchith e pronto? alguem poderia me ajudar dizendo como configura-lo por favor?

  32. Tengo un problema con un módem Marca Scientific Atlanta EMTA MAC, no encuentro los Controladores Para este equipo que fué comprado por medio de la empresa TELMEX qienes prestan el servicio de internet de Banda ancha por medio de este Módem… pero los “señores de TELMEX” no cooperan, por no tener un servicio al cliente (adecuado).
    si hay alguien que me pueda ayudar en este sentido se lo agradeceré demasiado.
    De antemano muchas gracias.

  33. I got this modem from my ISP, and I’m having problems maintaining a connection. I have been told by the cable company that the reason I disconnect so much is because I have to run my cable off a 3-way splitter (one to the modem, the other two go to tvs), however, I’ve noticed that the internet cuts out ever 2-3 minutes for about one minute, over the course of several hours, mostly during the early afternoon and late morning. If the splitter were the cause, wouldn’t I cut out ALL the time?

    Note: Using my browser, it doesn’t cut out so much. When I play games online (World of Warcraft, Total War, etc..) its very regular.

    Please, any information would be greatly appreciated.

  34. Same here. I also have the DPC2100 cable modem and have recently swiched computers to Vista x64 bits. If anyone knows of a driver for this or how to contact Scientific Atlantic, Cisco or whoever is making this, please let me know. Email me at

  35. I have this dpc 2100 cable modem but i need to connect it to my pc by usb but the problem is i got win xp 64 and i cant find any driver for it on oficial webpage doenst seems to be some kind of driver for win 64 plz let me know if theres any option or any driver avaiblable. thanx

  36. Andre Lavictoire

    I have a problem using My Bloody Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless Router and Cable Modem with Rogers Cable.

    Here is my setup ….

    3 Computers wired in the router.( 2 computer = Windows XP and the other computer Windows Vista Home Premium )

    Rogers Cable Modem – Scientific Atlanta DPC2100R2 Cable Modem
    Computer #1 – Wired Connected – Windows XP Home – Service Pack 3
    Computer #2 – Wired Connected – Windows XP Home – Service Pack 3
    Computer #3 – Wired Connected – Windows Vista Home – Service Pack 1
    PS3 Wireless
    Nintendo Wii Wireless

    1. All my computers are able to connect to the internet. ( SOMETIMES )
    Most of the times it keeps dropping my wireless signal.
    Not dropping the signal to the other computers but dropping signal to the Rogers Modem

    Please I need Help…

  37. I have the 2100 router through comcast cable and it i s soooooo slow almost like dial up. I am connected with the ethernet cord, should i plug in the usb, will it help or is it the modem? The send and recieve lights are hardly ever on, what does that mean? I really would appreciate it if someone could help me figure out why my connection is so slow. I thought cable was supposed to be faster? Any thoughts????????

  38. alguien me puede explicar como puedo conectar 2 pc con este modem? en realidad , como puedo configurar las 2 pc para que ambas tengan internet.
    Una de ellas no tiene placa de red, y la conecto por puerto USB. La otra si tiene.
    Es posible conectar 1 pc por puerto USB y la otra por cable ethernet, o placa de red?
    Siempre anda solo una maquina.
    He cambiado la direccion ip y me figuran las 2 conectadas, pero 1 no se conecta en realidad.. me explico?
    perdonen mi ignorancia.. jeje
    alguien que me pueda responder!

  39. hi, im having trouble changing my mtu, i need to change it as i keep having trouble accessing windows live messenger and windows updates. there are 2 er
    rror codes i keep getting

    error code: 80048820
    extended error code: 80048439

    changing the mtu seems the only option, its not my time and date as some people quote after googling the error codes… please could you give me step by step instructions on how to change the mtu… many thanks lee…

  40. amigoos … tengo un atlanta 2100 , el problema que tengo es el siguiente,
    no puedo configurar el mismo para que poniendolo contra un router wi fi
    pueda tener conexion inalambrica… gracias…

  41. Hey, I was wondeig how to open ports with this on the settings, because I have a few that need opened to I can connect to my Xbox Live. I keep failing because of a DNS or something.

    I called up Xbox and they said I needed to open these ports –

    This is what they told me

    1. Iop3074
    2. 3330
    3. 53
    4. 88
    5. T.c.P 3074

    Help? lol

  42. ola tengo un wireles usb adaptater que es netgear WG111v2 y lo quiero instalar pero no puedo por que no tengo el disco de instalacion que puedo acer para instalarlo sin el disco eske cuando lo conectome pone que tengo que instalar el software controlador y que introduzca el disco pero yo no tengo el disco que puedo acer para instalarlo sin el disco

    gracias de ante mano y salu2

  43. Gostaria de saber com posso configurar (rotear) meu scientific Atlanta 2100. Minha internet é de 1M, e possuo um switch des-1008D para receber o modem.

  44. Actually this turned out to be a terrific little performer.
    It was my ISP’s fault that games didn’t work since they were disabling a lot of protocols, and it’s really delivering now.

    I’m joining the club that Cable is best for gaming and am fully impressed with this product. Only a power switch would be an improvement imho ;)

  45. Здравствуйте. Как долезть на ЕРС2100R2 до сервисного или инженерного меню, есть ли в нем возможность изменить IP DHCP

  46. I have this modem and it is a piece of shit… I have it setup with a belkin wireless router and I have to unplug everything from it inclusing the coax and ethernet cables 10 times a day and wait for 2 minutes to get it working again when it drops the connection. There seems to be a resynchronization problem whenever the modem experiences a little disturbance. It works fine on USB but with a router it completely blows.

  47. I have Scientific-Atlanta WebSTAR Cable Modem and
    it works fine while connected via an ethernet cable.
    It works also via the usb connection. The problem starts after sleep/wakeup of the laptop. Sometimes after wakeup the connection is there, sometimes not. Restarting the PC solves the problem, but restarting vista takes ages. It is a big bore. Does somebody have a solution?

  48. Hello,

    I have a Scientific Atlanta DPC2100 modem. I just recently got cable internet thru brighthouse, and was provided with a modem just like the one that i have and it is working. but, when I want to hook mine up in a different room all of the lights on the modem flash together about every second. how can I fix this so that I can use this modem?

  49. Olá a todos,

    Tenho um MODEM DPC2100, ha muito tempo eu tive o servico da NET Virtua e cancelei pois mudei de regiao, sera que ele foi bloqueado? Alguem sabe se e possivel desbloquear o acesso a internet pela NET Virtua?

    Abraços a Todos

  50. Tengo un modem Scientific Atlanta EPC2100 y quiero desconectar el cable del modem pero la tuerca no gira y si lo fuerzo gira un poco la pieza en la que se rosca y tengo miedo de romperlo. ¿Podría alguien dame una orientación de como sacar el cable? Gracias.

  51. Hi, i have this modem, and im just wondering if i can unplug the ethernet cord from my airport (which is connected to my modem by ethernet), and plug it directly into my computer so my internet is faster? it is simple but i just want to know if this will make any problems. is it completely safe?

  52. Hi,

    I am trying to setup a wireless router network. my service provider supplied a cable modem which i am trying to configure with linksys wireless router. when i run the linsys router setup CD it is not identifying my DSL cable.

    probably this is with the kind of cable I am using. someone has suggested cross cable. is that a workable solution?

  53. Disculpen… quien me puede ayudar con esto: necesito cambian mi ip.. tengo un Scientific Atlanta 2100… eh tratado de cambiarla con programas pero no m funciona… se de la opcion de cambiarla manualmente, pero no se si es q tengo q poner cualquier numero… o uno en especifico…

    espero q m puedan ayudar! Gracias…

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  56. We just got this modem today that was installed by a Roadrunner person, and even though it was just put in today, there is no connection. All the lights continue to flash once every second or so all at the same time. How do I fix this?

  57. figured it out.

    goto router setup (usually and for MAC address choose use computer address. Cox is looking for my PC’s MAC address and purposely trying to block the router.

  58. I recently got the dcp2100. I have a netgear wireless router and can not hook it up. I am hooked up to the computer thru the usb port but can not get it going with my ehternet hub. I don’t know what else to do help.

  59. i have a Scientific Atlanta DPR2325 Cable Modem Gateway (the one that includes 4 ethernet ports and a wireless anthena)

    i have tried almost everything to hook me up in xbox live…

    has anybody solved issues of MTU test with this CABLE MODEM i changue it for a DPC100 model but still the same problem…

    Internet works fine in both modes (ethernet and wireless) in mi lap… but xbox live doesnt pass the mtu test.

    I have a 1.5mbps bandwith via cable.

    And can the problem be solved with the wireless adapter of the XOBX 360?

    I also tried the trick of the laptop as a wireless adapter but didnt work..

    if anybody know what can i try please let me know… this is my email.

    kisses from a desperate girl gammer.

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  61. Aaron Malawey

    I currently have this modem and I can tell you all mostly what you need to know. First this is a simple good design for this modem but the quality of completly crap. I do have to unplug it atleast 2 or 3 times a day in order to restart it to get a proper internet connection because it gets too hot too easily, especially if you are a gamer. If you don’t have the installation cd it is virtually impossible to locate the drivers for the usb connection so if you cannot use it through ethernet port then you may as well return it. The modem is obsolete so they do not manufacture this model anymore so they do not provide support for it and it sucks.

  62. Hey there I recently got this modem from my cable isp and it got setup without a hitch.

    Problem is my Blizzard games can’t connect to the gaming server. I’ve been wondering for some time now whether I have to (or if it’s possible) setup port forwarding on this model so the games work? Maybe I need to flash it, is this possible at all?

    Or it might just be my isp’s fault, I’ve already contacted them locally here in Mozambique. Any clues most welcome.

  63. Sajwar Saleem

    My modem used to be perfect i played live on xbox360 ad i got internet on my PC but know the cable single turns on and when i click on internet or mozilla firefox the sigle goes away and then i got no internet this has been going on for like a 3 weeks what should i do?? sum1 plz help me!!

  64. Hey Michael would i did was bought a cheap wireless router and hooked it up to my computer if you get one it is really easy to do just follow the steps, if you want to use an ethrnet cabel just hook it up from your xbox to the router its really easy i bought a router for $30 came home and was playing Call Of Duty 4 in 15minutes belive me I dont know alot about computers so but a wirless router at future shop for $30 its your best bet when u get xbox live whats your gamer tag ill tell u mind later

    Hope this helps You

  65. hey kyle

    i dont know about that problem….but i want my xbox 360 to have live to but….the mtu is to high can you help me….

  66. hi there,
    I would be happy if someone could answer this for me…. i have a atlanta modem and it works fine for my computer…but i wanted it for xbox live….when i try to hook it up….it says the mtu is to high….how do i lower the MTU…..its driving me crazy….
    Please help someone

  67. Hola, tengo un problema con los puertos del emule y quizá aquí encuentre la solución… tengo la id baja y me han dicho que es cosa del modem ¿podeis ayudarme? gracias

  68. Some body help me? my scientific atlanta cable modem usb driver fails frequently.even tho i uninstall the driver and restart the machine the provided CD wont start auotomatically.each time i have to format the system to reinstall the driver.

  69. I have got this modem through virgin media broadband.

    I have an orange/wanadoo livebox from my previous ISP that i wanted to use to give me “wireless”.

    Is it possible to connect the VM modem to the livebox to give me wireless? The livebox connects to the net through telephone line RJ11 connector.

  70. I have a 2100 modem from Cox, and my computer is getting internet off the USB cable but not from the Ethernet adapter. The Ethernet cord works on my friends computer but not mine. Can anyone help?

  71. algien que me pueda decir porque mi pc me dice que tengo conectividad limitada o ninguna. y cuando enciendo el utorrent se reinicia solo y no encuentro la solucion.

  72. Hey guys im having trouble trying to hook up my xbox live, this modem only has 1 Ehernet portal does the xbox ehernet cabel and the ehernet cabel for the computer have to be plugged it to

  73. If you unplug all the cables the light will stop, its blinking either from the ethernet cord from your computer or from the coaxle cable. Either way you arn’t paying for that little light if thats what you cared about because the power is comming from one of the two cords.

  74. @Zak:

    Sadly no, it’s one or the other. What you need is a router, so you can connect multiple devices to the same Internet connection. The good news is they’re fairly inexpensive now.

  75. Iam having a Scientific Atlanta 2100 cable modem supplied by Virgin Media. Can I connect one PC via Ehernet portal and another via USB portal at the same time.

  76. I have a Virgin Media cable connection and I’m having problems setting my Scientific Atlanta 2100 (the modem Virgin gave me) up with my wireless router – a Belkin G + MIMO. I can get 2 networked PCs online but i cannot get my laptop or other devices linked wirelessly. It used to work (although intermitantly) but since unplugging for another reason, the wireless aspect has not worked again since. Please help!

  77. @redh brown:

    Sorry I honestly don’t even know what a 36 console is. Do you mean a 36″ console TV? Since you don’t have a router, I’m guessing you’re plugging the modem directly into your Xbox? Which leads to me these two questions:

    1. Has the modem ever worked while hooked up to a PC?
    2. Who is your ISP? Some of them will lock a modem to only work with a specific MAC address, and since your modem was (or may have been?) plugged into a PC, now you need to get the ISP to “allow” the Xbox’s MAC address.

    Hope this helps –


  78. hi there?!
    i have a 36 console and i’m trying to connect it on xbox live, but when i try test the connection it keeps on saying that my MTU is failed? i dont know why my MTU keeps on failing because i’m using a modem not a router, can you help me with this?
    by the way my modem is scientific atlanta dpc 2100

  79. I agree but between the router and the modem …try to set it up yourself.. and you’ll go through alot of pain I ripped my router out and just said the heck with it

  80. hey i have this same modem thing and i plugged it into my usb and it WAS working and i had to re install the computer and when i updated everything and plugged it in it keeps saying unknown device. it wont let me install any drivers for it except a driver called “unknown device” can someone help me out with this?

  81. I have recently installed this type of cable modem. I have Cox supplied internet. I can not always get on the internet without having to unplug the power cord or cable. It tells me I have limited or no connectivity. What could possible be the problem?

  82. I’d appreciate if somebody could answer this question. I have an atlanta modem and it seems to work fine but the PC light is either flicking all the time while it’s connect or the PC light is not on at all. What does this mean? Is there a connection issue?

    Cheers. :)

  83. Hi there, I have a Atlanata DPC2100 connecting a cable broadband internet service via ethernet cable to my computer.

    I want to set up a wireless network.

    does that mean that the 2100 becomes obsolete or do i connect something else to the 2100 to achieve this.

    this information is completely lacking in the 2100 guide and instructions. thanks.

    For a computer idiot this question should be answered in youe advice, dont you think, because its the first thing that someone wants to do after their internet provider has fobbed them off with a non-wireless set-up!!!!

  84. Is there a way to complete turn off power to the modem? I unplugged the power source and there are lights still blinking at a 10 second interval.

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  86. Eric,

    If this is your modem (the Scientific Atlanta DPC2100) you should be able to plug this modem, using the USB c able, directly into your PC. If you’re using Windows, it should prompt you to install the modem – use the CD that came with this modem.

    USB connections can be a bit ‘flakey’ at times – if you’re currently using this modem via an ethernet cable, and it works, you may just want to leave it as it is (if it’s not broken, don’t fix it :) )

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