Cable Modem Troubleshooting: RCA DCM325

Light patterns, images, manuals and more helpful info for the RCA DCM325 cable modem –

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Manufacturer: RCA

Model: DCM325

Modem Light Indicators
Message Flashing – flashes to indicate unread email (only if ISP enables this feature)
Off – no email messages pending
Cable Activity Flashing – indicates data traffic; modem is in use
Off – indicates no current data traffic
Cable Link On – cable modem is connected to the network
Flashing – cable modem is attempting to connect to the network
Off – cable modem not connected to the network
PC Link On – PC is detected but no current activity
Flashing – activity between PC and modem
Off – no computer detected or modem is in standby
Internet On – If this and the Cable Link light are steady then the modem is connected
Flashing – modem is searching for a downstream signal
Off – power is not supplied to the modem or modem is in standby
Notes and Useful Information

Installation and User Manual, .pdf (1.05MB)
Manufacturer Website
Manufacturer Customer Service Page

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  1. Eu trabalho com moden RCA 325. E queria saber pq. uns funcionam bem e outros não no mesmo brand, ou seja no mesmo cabo da rede.
    Agradeço antecipadamente a atenção e espero a resposta.

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