Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Terayon ECM210 / TJ210

Light patterns, images, manuals and more helpful info for the Terayon ECM210 / TJ210 cable modem(s) –

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Manufacturer: Terayon

Model: ECM210 / TJ210

Modem Light Indicators
Modem Light Indicators
Power Off – modem is not receiving power
On – modem power is activated and receiving power
Cable Off – no cable connection detected
Flashing – searching for upstream/downstream signal
On – modem is acquired; data can be sent
PC Off – ethernet cable is unplugged or computer is not turned on
On – computer is detected
Data Indicates activity over cable network.
Off – no activity
Flashing – activity exists
Test Flashing – self test is in progress
Notes and Useful Information

Manufacturer Website
Manufacturer Product Page
Manufacturer Support Page

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0 thoughts on “Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Terayon ECM210 / TJ210”

  1. @Garth Mc Alpin:

    You should be able to use it with whatever cable company now serves your area, but it would be best to call them and confirm. If they say no right away, try calling back and asking someone else. Often sales agents will want you to buy or rent a new modem (unnecessarily) because they work on commission.

  2. I own a Terayon Tj210 unit. I have had it for some years. It used to be connected to the cable company when I lived in that country. My question: What can I do with it now? Should I throw it away or can I use it to connect to another ISP.


    Garth Mc ALpin

  3. great i’ve been paying for 20mbs line for almost a year what a rip -off that it i’m off maxwell cable/ntl/virgin all the same crap service

  4. I’ve just got off the phone to Virgin Media, who – in the days of NTL – used to supply these modems with their broadband service.

    The Terayon TJ210 doesn’t support the high-speed connections (we’re on 20Mbps) that are around these days, so if you’re thinking of upgrading to the top broadband rate and you’ve still got one of these, it might be worth asking for a replacement.

    The symptoms, incidentally, of a cable modem that can’t cope with the high-speed connection, is that for small transactions (email etc) it works OK, but as soon as you want to download a large file, it jams up entirely for upwards of five minutes, which is annoying for everyone who uses it!

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