Cable Modem Troubleshooting: RCA DCM235

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Manufacturer: RCA Model: DCM235
Modem Light Indicators
Power Off – Modem is in stand-by mode or not receiving power.
On – Modem power is activated and receiving power.
PC Link Off – No ethernet carrier is present or the modem is in stand-by mode.
On – Ethernet carrier is present with no send/receive activity.
Flashing – Indicates Send/receive activity.
Cable Off – No cable connection detected or modem is in stand-by mode.
Flashing – Cable connection is detected. Modem is not yet acquired.
On – Modem is acquired. Data can be sent.
Activity Indicates activity over cable network. The light is off during
times of no activity and flashing when activity exists.
Email Flashes when you have email (if offered by cable provider).
Notes and Useful Information:

The image above is of the DCM225. It’s virtually identical to the 235.

When this modem is in stand-by mode, the Internet/Power light will be off. All other lights will operate normally. While in stand-by mode, the customer may still be able to release/renew an IP address without any problems. Please keep this in mind when troubleshooting PC connectivity issues.

Installation and User Manual
Manufacturer Product Website

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