How to disable the system sounds in Windows Vista

This brief tutorial will show you how to disable (turn off) the system sounds in Windows Vista. Because they’re still annoying.

  1. Start by right-clicking an empty part of your desktop and select Personalize
  2. Click Sounds

  3. click to enlarge

  4. Choose the Sound Scheme titled No Sounds and remove the check from the box labeled Play Windows Startup sound. Click OK and you won’t be bothered by the silly windows sounds anymore.

  5. click to enlarge

4 thoughts on “How to disable the system sounds in Windows Vista”

  1. I did this but my Lenovo ThinkPad still beeps when Windows loads and beeps again when I log in using the fingerprint scan.

  2. Got the same problem as John Bradley – I’ve disabled all sounds, muted the windows section of all sounds, muted the DigialPersona Personal fingerprint enrolment part of the sounds and it still insists on playing sounds when sweep my finger to log on or lock. But I guess that’s something we’ll have to live with as long as MS continue to produce crap….

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