A beginners guide to setting up Windows Mail

This tutorial will guide you through the Windows Mail setup wizard. Note: if you’re looking for help setting up Windows Live Mail, see this tutorial.

  1. The setup wizard will launch on its own the first time you open Windows Mail. On the first screen, enter your name as you wish it to appear on your outgoing email messages. Click Next to continue.

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  3. Enter your email address in the space provided, and then click Next to continue.

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  5. At this step you’ll want to check with your ISP for your email server settings. If you have cable or DSL in North America, you can refer to this list of email settings for many of the major broadband ISPs (Comcast, Cox, Rogers, Shaw, Verizon, Earthlink, Time Warner etc). When you have the correct info for your ISP, enter it in the spaces provided. Click Next to continue.

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  7. Enter your email user name and password, place a check in the box labeled Remember Password if you don’t want to enter your password each time you check your email, and then click Next.

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  9. That’s it! Click Finish.

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  11. You’ll connect and download any email waiting for you.

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  13. And now have fun with Windows Mail!

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43 thoughts on “A beginners guide to setting up Windows Mail”

  1. I set up the initial account with no problem. I am having trouble understanding the setting up of the identities I had with OE. When I go to set up new accounts a message says that all other identities have been imported. I can’t find them. Do I have to set up a new account for each of the old identities.

  2. I am using Windows Mail……
    I cannot send or receive any e-mail!!!!!!
    Yet all the set up is exactly as Comcast instructed.
    I have called Comcast support 7 times and still no help. All they do is look in their instruction book.

    I think the problem lies much deeper in their system!

  3. I love your instructions and have been trying to get ComCAST TO WORK WITH wINDOWS mail for almost a week. I did exactly as you have pictured here, but still cannot send anything to my Comcast mail. I can send from Comcast to my Yahoo mail. I don’t know where an email to Comcast goes, as it is not bounced back to me, but it’s not there in the inbox.

  4. @Charlotte –

    If you call Comcast, they should be able to walk you through setting it up. If they won’t, here are some troubleshooting trials/suggestions:

    Click Start > Run and type in cmd
    hit enter
    You should get a command prompt to appear. At the command prompt, type:

    telnet mail.comcast.net 110
    and hit enter
    You (should) be prompted to enter a user name. Type in your comcast user name whatever@comcast.net – the whatever part (not the @comcast.net part)
    hit enter
    You (should) be prompted to enter your password. Type it in.
    hit enter

    Then type list
    hit enter.

    Let me know if you get that far. If you don’t, let me know which stage ‘fails’ and we’ll take it from there.

    Again tho, you could try calling Comcast and telling them you need help setting up Windows Mail. They should stay on the phone w/ you until it’s totally working..

  5. I think/hope I set everything up right… but on the 6th box where it says “authorizing” it keeps asking me for my username and password and won’t stop!

  6. i can “surf” & open all links but when ever i recieve e-mails with linkages, i cannot poen them, i recieve an error message, “application not found”

  7. Am also having problems. A pop up screen keeps asking me to verify my logon and password, repeatedly even though I put my correct information in. No mail is coming in or out.

  8. pastor catungal jr.

    on the 6th box where it says “authorizing ” it keeps on asking my password and my username and won’t stop what will i do

  9. Is there s,a setting so that windows mail will keep incoming mail on the server? My wife and I use the same server and want to be able to pick up mail on both computer.

  10. I’ve been using Windows Mail (Vista 32 bit) for almost a year with no problems. Recently my email account in windows mail was deleted, and I did not do it ! I have tried many, many, many time s to add my account back in and it will not add it. After I click finish on the last screen I receive the following error msg: “An error occurred while reading the new account information. No changes have been made.” …my account is not added. I also verified that I’m typeing my password in in lower case as it should be. I have even phoned Comcast to verify my entries on each screen and they are correct (incoming/outgoing servers, etc). I also installed Windows Live Mail and it had the same problem and issued the exact same error msg. In Windows Live Mail I can set up the account manually and in the outgong server, Comcast uses port 587 so, I can specify that port and it still does not help. I don’t think there is a problem in the software, I think it’s somewhere else in my OS, system, or ports or something… I have no clue.

    Can anyone help me with this problem ?

    Thank you very much,

  11. I’m not using Windows Mail now. A friend came over and tried to fix the error and could not. If anyone short of Microsoft could fix that problem the genious could have. So, I’m not going to pay Microsoft to fix it and I’m not going to do a clean install to fix it either. I now have Thunderbird (By Mozilla) as my email client and I like it a lot better. It’s laid out very similar as Windows Mail but much faster. The tool bar buttons are laid out better and easier to see at a glance. All my previous messges and address book is in Thunderbird thanks to my genious friend.

  12. on the 6th box. The pop-up keeps asking for my username and password and won’t stop and I am entering in what I think is the right information…. HELP!

  13. outlook express has certain basic functions which i cannot see in windows mail. 1. OE automatically assigns upper case alphabet when you start a sentence. 2. OE underlines wrongly spelt words, so that you know you have typed wrongly.

    please help to instal these 2 functions on the wndows mail.. thank you.

  14. Ho acquistato il computer da marzo 2008 con il sistema Vista, non riesco assolutamente a far “partire”, utilizzare Window Mail…utilizzo la posta di Alice,ma avendo comprato un computer mi sembra un paradosso non poter usare la email di window…se c’è qualcuno che mi può aiutare grazie anticipatamente di cuore,

  15. Εγώ δεν καταλαβα πως μπορώ να εγκαταστήσω το windows live. Που μπορώ να μπώ για να το κάνω?

  16. Commnet faire pour selectioner un encodage different du défault 8bit.

    Dans les messages, on voit :
    Content-transfert-Encoding = 8bit

    Je voudrais :


  17. It is funny I been having lots of trouble with my e-mail I use high speed q.west mail I ask them to help me set up Windows Mail but they told me I could not use Vista Windows Mail , this strikes me very odd I am to the point were I will revert to Dial up with earth link .
    It seem to me q.west has absolutely no Customer loyalty and/or no employees with the knowledge to solve that problem.
    Anybody has some suggestions what to do, Thanks

  18. this does not help me. i have been using winmail but all of a sudden i can’t send out emails. i receive them but they won’t go out.
    they go to the outbox and then the sent box but are never sent cause no one receives them . i have been trying for 2 weeks to get an answer and dell, comcast, and winmail can’t help me.

  19. We have Comcrap, and have been using Outlook Express on our XP running desktop for years now, as out home e-mail. We had a brief bit of trouble when Comcrap took over Insight here in IN, but changing things under “tools”, “Accounts”, etc…got that squared away.

    Of course the incoming/outgoing servers had to be changed in tools, as well as ports 587 and 100.

    Back in the Spring no one could send any e-mails to our comcast.net addy, without some Mdaemon errors and bounce backs. That was a PITA, which our trusty IT dept cleared up. It WAS Comcrap’s fault! Go figure…

    Now we have a Vista ASUS laptop, and I have tried piggy back configuring Windows Mail with the same settings, over our wireless router, so we can use it arounf the house, or on deck, and it doesn’t do $#!+. It either spools the “authorizing”, also gives the annoying remember my credentials “user name” “password” crap (Thanks Vista!!!), or shows connecting…disconnecting.

    I was done with Windows Mail after about 20-30 minutes and a few beers…Screw it, we’ll use Thunderbird, or some web based e-mail for the laptop, as Windows Mail and Comcrap are not syncing.

    The desktop may be finicky, but OE works there, hardwired via a RJ45 patchcord, with an in-line wireless router.

    I know my $#!+ and I already hate Vista. Thank god we can get Windows 7 for free in October, with the new ASUS purchase upgrade program. :)

  20. When I try to use Windows Mail, A box pops up called “windows Security” asking for a user name and password. This has never happened before. I have typed in the user name and password, but it just pops up again asked for the same information. I have checked all the setting in “accounts” under “tools” and they are correct.

    I tried setting up a new Talk Talk account but had the same problem. I cannot find where windows security is in order to check the settings.

    I have a BT Yahoo mail account which works ok.

    Any suggestions?

  21. Hello,
    Canadian here wondering where to find this stuff
    through Telus? I see this question has already
    been asked but how the heck do I see the followup

  22. Canadian here again – just forgot to check the notify box is all… Thx. So please leave any comments from my previous post (above) HERE. Thanks, eh?

  23. I hate Windows mail, I also cannot get it to work. Or AT&T and H.P. I don’t get it. A new computer and I have not had email for a wek, and no one can fix it. Great!

  24. The connection to the server has failed.

    Subject ‘#1265405’
    Server: ‘smtp.live.com’
    Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0E
    Protocol: SMTP
    Port: 25
    Secure(SSL): Yes
    Socket Error: 10060

    I never had this problem with OE… I can send from other accounts w/o problems; but, I constantly get the above hang when trying to send from my msn account.

  25. windows mail window security asks for username and password that has never been there before error report invalid username and password Port 100 Secure(ssc) no server error: 0X800CCC90 error number 0X800CCC92 Any help PLEASE!!!!

  26. Thanks for the help you guys rock.yep im beginner first time,been trying for days to find help figured it might be something easy,or maybe something i messed up going were i’ve never gone before,again Thanks

  27. I entered some wrong information when trying to set up my account (prior to reading the above instructions) and it doesn’t work. How do I get back in to correct the mistakes?
    I have gmail which is working great but I wanted to be able to send e-mails directly from MS Works and for pictures. I recently got high speed internet through my cable co. and previously had Netzero. Thanks!

  28. I am setting up a new computer and am having trouble with windows live mail. I entered my user name and password whic I was thentold to verify. I followed then instructions and the message stated verification had been sent to my account. I checked my old computer and no message was received even though other mail is coming through. I have made at least 5 attempts with no success although the message I receive states a verification has been sent

  29. I have two e-mail senders whose e-mail comes across as Blocked or ‘suspicious.’ I don’t know how or why this has happened but I sure would like to erase that ‘Blocked’ notation with these senders. Please help

  30. I have no idea of how to setup my incoming or outgoing server. I have read the instructions but I am still clueless about what to enter there. If you could pls help me.
    Kind regards

  31. I have embarq mail and it set up correctly but I am not able to send/reply out any mail. What do I need to do?

  32. In Australia BIG POND was going to “migrate” all email to Windows Live but this has not happened for me. Can I do it myself ? At present I cannot use hyperlinked email addresses for sending emails

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