Gmail Tip – Selecting Multiple Messages

Here’s one I just learned the other day –

If you need to select a series of messages in Gmail, click the first one ..

hold down the Shift key and select the last one ..


22 thoughts on “Gmail Tip – Selecting Multiple Messages”

  1. I found something else to be really useful in Gmail. Once you are ready to send your e-mail, just hit ‘Tab+Space’ in that sequence and your message will be sent!

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  4. tabbins one or more times moves the focus (I think that’s the word) to another spot on the page. Pressing space at that point is the same as clicking on that spot. Can be used for things like regular buttons, radio buttons and checkboxes.

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  10. ok, this discussion’s topic was covered well enough and even added to BUT:

    how does one select multiple recipients? :

    I put an ad online, got responses, to which this entire group I want to send a general info reply, & I’d like to be able to just select each recipient in my inbox and click reply BUT there is no reply button there.

    OK, drop knowledge on me at least one person–amidst the babble of spammers, lowlifes, and posers pretending to know but just critiquing or doublspeaking. Maybe I’ll get no replies.

  11. James F. Rooney

    once several emails are selected, can they be batch printed, rather than the tedious method of loading them in individually and printing them one by one?

  12. I agree with you James, it’s useless that gmail doesn’t allow multiple replies. And along the same lines, doesn’t provide a means of quickly adding contacts from the inbox to a particular contact group.

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