How to repair disk permissions in OS X

If you find your Mac is running a bit more sluggish than usual, or a program you frequently use starts behaving oddly, you might need to repair your disk permissions. This tutorial will guide you in doing just that.

  1. Open the Disk Utility by selecting Applications -> Utilities -> and then Disk Utility.

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  3. Select your primary hard drive (the one that you loaded OS X on) and then click the Verify Disk Permissions button.

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  5. Disk Utility will check your drive for any permission errors. In the example screenshot below there are none (I run this program a couple of times a month) – but you may find a screen full of errors. If any errors do appear, click the Repair Disk Permissions button.

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  7. When its finished, you can view everything that was detected and fixed by clicking the Log button in the upper right corner.

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4 thoughts on “How to repair disk permissions in OS X”

  1. I believe it’s better to run Disk Utility from your Install Disc. When I’ve run Disk Utility from my HD, and then immediately after run it from my Install Disc, I found and fixed errors that my HD created.

    No need to verify disk permissions first. Just run repair straight off. DU won’t repair anything that doesn’t need fixing, and youe save a little time. Same goes for Repair Disk.

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  3. Repair permission, if you are not desperate, don’t seems a good idea.
    Repair permission set all the permission as your system thinks they have to be, if you install any program that modify that (probably like little snitch, fan control or any problem that control system parameter) could have a lot of problem after that.
    I hope macos will give the opportunity to selective permission repair in the next version.
    In your screenshot all the problem comes from flash player, does it makes any sense to you?

  4. oi alguem pode me ajudar? tenho o macbook pro ja faz anos adoru, mas nao sei o que esta acontecendo! sempre eu abaixo filmes, musicas, seriados mas esta muito lento antes carregava em 3min se fosse ate 9min agora demora ate 4horas o que fazer? alguem pode me ajudar ja fiz esta reparaçao ai mas nada! socorroooo por favor me ajude obrigado

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