How to use a screensaver as your desktop background in OS X

2020 Update: This is a 32bit app, which means it will only work in versions of macOS prior to High Sierra (10.13). With that said, the app still works and it’s fun if you have an old Mac.

If you’re looking for something fun for your Mac, check out how to play Nintendo games as a screensaver for macOS (and Windows).

I recently stumbled across a terrific little program called Wallsaver, which lets you change your desktop wallpaper into any of your installed screensavers. Keep reading for details and screenshots…

  1. The installation is very straight forward – just drag to your Applications folder. Launch it as you would any other program.
  2. You’ll be presented with its painfully easy to use interface. Click Activate to start it.
  3. Your desktop background/wallpaper will change to whatever screensaver you have enabled at the time.

  4. Wallsaver in action (Firefox is transparent)

  5. At this point you can quit Wallsaver and your screensaver will remain as your background. If at any point you wish to return to your normal background, simple re-launch Wallsaver and click the Restore button.

  6. Back to normal

  7. Though enabling Wallsaver will use some CPU, it’s actually quite minimal. Try as I might, I couldn’t get it to use more than 7% using the Flurry screensaver (2GHz 1st gen MacBook Pro).

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