Nintendo Fans: The Greatest Screensaver Ever

If you’re even a slight fan of Nintendo games, this is hands down the coolest screensaver, ever. You can play games from within the screensaver itself. It’s free, it works in both Windows and OS X, and it will drastically lower your productivity :)

Nintendo screen saver

This guide will take you each and every step of the way through installing and setting up this amazing screensaver. It works in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It works in OS X “El Capitan” (10.11) – though I’m not totally clear on how far back it works. Unless you’re using a shockingly old Mac, it should work just fine. Special note for Mac Users: you can also check out our Best Of: Mac Screen Savers 2015 Edition for some other pretty cool screen savers, though none top this one :)

The steps and screenshots in this guide are specific to Windows 10 but are nearly identical for previous versions. Mac users should be able to follow along, and we’ll include as many ‘tips’ for you along the way. Let’s get started!

  1. Head over to the UberNES download page (link will open in a new window/tab) and download the .zip file specific to your Operating System. Once the download has completed, unzip the file.
  2. Copy or move the Nintendo Saver.scr file to your (C:) > Windows > System32 directory. If you’re using an older version of Windows, you may not have a System32 folder. If that’s the case, copy it to your (C:) > Windows > System directory.

    Mac Users: Unzip the file and double-click Nintendo Saver.saver to install the screensaver.

  3. Open up your Control Panel and select Appearance and Customization.

    Mac Users: Open your System Preferences and then select Desktop & Screen Saver

  4. From the Personalization section, select Change screen saver
  5. Click/tap the Screen saver menu, and choose Nintendo Saver 2015
  6. Once Nintendo Saver 2015 has been selected, click/tap the Settings… button.

    Mac Users: Select Nintendo Saver and then the Screen Saver Options… button.

  7. From the General tab, click the button in the Movie folder: column (see screenshot below).
  8. Now you’re going to select a folder to store all of the files that the screensaver needs in order to function. If you have a folder that you already store your Nintendo game .rom files in, use that one. If you don’t know what a .rom file is, don’t worry – we’ll get to that later. For now, just select or create a folder for the files.
  9. Click the Download… button in the Movie folder: column
  10. The Online Movie Gallery window will open. Click the Download all movies button. Note: don’t be deterred or worried about disk space – the files are very small.

  11. click to enlarge

  12. When prompted, select the folder you created back in step #8, and click OK
  13. All of the Nintendo ‘movie’ files will begin to download.

  14. click to enlarge

  15. Once completed, click the Close button.
  16. Now it’s time to download some .ROM files – the actual games themselves, as they are not included in the screen saver itself. Head over to RomsPedia and hunt down your favorite Nintendo games. You’ll probably have to endure a lot of ‘clicking around’ – but the games are there. Each game (.rom file) will be zipped – so unzip the .rom file and move/copy it to the directory with all of your other Nintendo screen saver files.
  17. Once you’ve downloaded, unzipped and copied enough games – click the Create… button in the Game List: column. Note: you can always add more .rom/game files later. All you have to do is repeat this and the next 3 steps again.

  18. Yet again you’ll be prompted to select a folder. Use the same one.
  19. When you’re prompted to name and save the “Game List” file, give it a name (doesn’t matter what) and then click the Save button.
  20. Click OK after your Game List has been successfully created.
  21. Almost at the fun part! Click OK to close the Nintendo Saver 2015 Settings. Note: after you’ve tested everything to confirm it’s working, you’ll want to return to these Settings and customize them to your liking.

  22. click to enlarge

  23. The moment of truth: click Preview
  24. A “wall of games” will be displayed (see screenshot below). Now the fun begins. Each video represents a game you have installed. As those videos play, you can use your keyboard to interact with them. Use the Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard to move the red cursor from game to game.

    To “jump into” any of the games, hit the F3 button on your keyboard (Mac Users: use the 3 key on your keyboard).

  25. click to enlarge

  26. As soon as you jump in, you actually begin where the movie left off. If you want to go back to the beginning of the game, hit the F1 button (Mac Users: hit the 1 key). To control the game, your keyboard is matched to each Nintendo game controller button. The Up, Down, Left and Right arrows on your keyboard correspond to the controllers ‘pad’. The A and S keys represent the B and A buttons on the controller. The Enter key represents the Start button, and the Right Shift key (the shift button on the right side of your keyboard) represents the Select button. NOTE: if you move your mouse/cursor or click any of the other buttons on your keyboard – the screen saver turns off and you’re back at your desktop.

  27. click to enlarge

  28. Before you go back and look at the other Settings you can change, you may want to change the default time your screen saver kicks in.
  29. Have fun! Thanks to this screen saver, I put off writing this overview for 2 days, so be warned :)

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  1. hey can anyone help me, i downloaded legend of zelda (nes) from freeROMS and it was an .exe file. i added that file to the folder w/ all my movie downloads in it and whenever i sellected it in create for the game list it said no valid roms were in that folder… what do i do?

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