How to Access Files and Folders via a Firefox Tab

This guide explains how you can use Firefox as a “file manager” and access your local files using Windows, macOS and even Chrome OS.

Using the method outlined in this guide won’t allow you to interact with files and folders the same way you would with your operating systems built-in file manager (Windows File Explorer, macOS Finder, Chrome OS Files app). For example, you can’t rename them or move them to other locations on your drives. However, you can open many file types – images, video files, MP3s etc.

If that sounds like something that might be useful for you – keep reading.

  1. Head over to the Firefox Add-on page File Manager Firefox add-on.
  2. Install the File Manager add-on by clicking the + Add to Firefox button. If you’re using Firefox for Chrome OS you may see a “this add-on does not work on your platform” message – ignore it. When prompted by Firefox, click the Add button.
  3. installing a firefox add-on

  4. If you’re using Firefox for Windows or macOS, you’ll have a new bookmark in the Bookmarks Toolbar named fileman. Click it. Chrome OS users, jump down to step #?
  5. a bookmark in the Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

  6. Ta-da! A list of all the files and folders on your hard drive.
  7. access to your files via Firefox

  8. You can even see a thumbnail of each image by hovering your cursor over top of the file name.
  9. access to an image file in Firefox

  10. Depending on the file type, you can view (or listen to) it by clicking it.
  11. Chrome OS users, to use the File Manager add-on, enter the following line into your address bar:


    Firefox for Chrome OS showing a list of files

  12. Just like Windows and macOS users, you’ll get a listing of your Chome OS hard drive. If you hover your cursor over an image file, a thumbnail of that file will be displayed.
  13. the thumbnail of an image file in Firefox

Now that you can access your files via Firefox, check out our other guides and tips in the Firefox section.

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