How to setup and use Skype on your Windows Mobile Smartphone

If you live in Canada, you know how outrageous even the ‘lowest’ mobile monthly plans cost. One way to get around the price gouging is to get a Wi-Fi enabled Skype supported phone, and make calls with Skype.

The steps and screenshots in this tutorial are specific for a Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone. With that said, they’re probably pretty similar for Windows Mobile 6, and even the Pocket PC version (though I can’t confirm PPC).

Before you get too far into this, there are a few things you should know up front.

  • If you already have a Skype account and it has more than 100 “contacts” associated with it, you may want to create a new one to use with your mobile. Throughout the Skype knowledgebase, one of the most common troubleshooting tips is “make sure your Skype contact list has less than 100 entries”.
  • Skype for Mobile requires the use of a headset. Only “some” Bluetooth headsets will work. The one that came with my HTC S621 works perfectly fine.
  • Download Skype for Mobile from:

    If your phone supports directly installing .cab files, you can skip ActiveSync entirely. Look for the You can also download the .cab file (for advanced users only) link, and download the .cab file directly to your mobile phone.

    1. Once Skype has installed, launch it from your Today screen.
    2. skype on a mobile phone

    3. Give it a moment..
    4. skype on a mobile phone

    5. and click Accept to continue.
    6. skype on a mobile phone

    7. Review the info provided on the Important notice section, and click OK.
    8. skype on a mobile phone

    9. Enter your Skype Name and Password in the spaces provided. Check Sign in automatically on start if you want to sign in to Skype automatically each time you launch it. Click Sign in to continue.
    10. skype on a mobile phone

    11. Unless you have an unlimited 3G or EDGE data plan, you will almost certainly want to select Use WiFi only as the Connection Method. Click OK to finish.
    12. skype on a mobile phone

    13. Skype will now connect and sign in.
    14. skype on a mobile phone

    15. Select the Skype Test Call entry and click Call. Make sure that your headset is plugged in.
    16. skype on a mobile phone

    17. Follow the instructions (just talk into the mic when told, and then listen for yourself).
    18. skype on a mobile phone

    19. After a successful test call, click Hang up.
    20. skype on a mobile phone

    21. And your Skype status is displayed on your Today screen.
    22. skype on a mobile phone

    23. Now give it a test with someone on your contact list. If don’t know anyone currently using Skype, you can see if I’m around (username: ross.mckillop) and say hello.
    24. You can make unlimited calls to landlines with Skype – any time, day or night. And there’s no long-term contract.. As long as you have access to a free wireless network, you can use Skype to make all of your calls. Give your mobile provider a shout and tell them you want to downgrade to the lowest possible plan per month, and save on your phone calls.

    20 thoughts on “How to setup and use Skype on your Windows Mobile Smartphone”

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    2. I found your blog searching for skype and your post regarding to setup and use Skype on your Windows Mobile Smartphone – Simplehelp looks very interesting for me

    3. Danke. Ich habe ein HTC710 mit Windows Mobile 6. Die Anleitung ist dieselbe. Aber man braucht nicht unbedingt einen Kopfhörer, sondern es läuft auch ganz normal einfach mit dem Lautsprecher. (Ich habe die Smartversion von Skype installiert und zwar über AcitvSync über den PC) Null Problem.

      Danke nochmals für diese Anleitung.


    4. Ross,

      I did everything exactly the way you outlined it on to install and initialize my Samsung Blackjack with Skype. Unfortunately, I can only get as far as attempting to dial the Skype Test Call. Once I start this, either the phone locks up completely or I can some sort of Microsoft error msg. The test message system never rings or answers.

      Any ideas on stuff I can check to track down this little snafu?


    5. Hi i have just tried to put skype on my htc s710 when it starts to install on my phone it says the program or setting cannot have suffcient system permissions does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this


    6. Hi
      Can someone tell me how much Data i will ned to use skype. I now, the tell you unlimited, but how many GB dose a normal user use.

    7. Instale el skype hice todas las pruebas pero a la hora de marcar me sale un error sip 6103 sip..lo unico q funciona es la llamada de prueba…alguien q me ayude porfaaaaaaaaaaaa

    8. io invece ho provato ad istallare skype sul mio htc s 730.mi da questo avviso:
      skypeforsmartphone non e una applicazione windoes CE valida.
      prima che resettassi il telefono, funzionava?

    9. quando eu clico no icone do Skype no meu Tréo 750 aparece a seguinte msg :

      Couldn´t find all the
      necessary resource files to
      start skype. please try to
      install skype again.

      Skype will now quit.

      o que eu faço ???? por favor, se alguem poder me ajudar eu ficaria muito grato !!! obrigado…

    10. buenas temgo skipe en mi smartphone y bueno en realidad es primera vez que utilizo skipe y bueno quiero saber si puedo abrirlo con una cuenta skipe normal o temgo que abrir una cuenta skipe por mi tlf?????….

    11. hola, instale el skype en un HTC S710 , al parecer funciona bien, no tengo los auriculaes ni nada de eso y en mi cel se escucha como por alto parlante, estoy conectado por wifi, mi consulta es:

      al estar conectado por wifi, y mi conexion es buena, deberia escucharse perfectamente? porque la verdad que se escucha entre cortado, .. alguien sabe porque puede suceder???

    12. potrebujem pomoc pri nainštalovaní skype do mobilného telefónu LG K500
      v počítači ho mám a chcela by som, keď nie som doma aby bol presmerovaný na mobil a aby som mohla z mobilu telefonovať na skype

    13. Shahzad Ahmed

      i installed it but when i open, it will not save the default connection and trun off plz sugest.

    14. eu liatiemmam222 nao consigo mais acessar minha conta no skype preciso saber como reatar a conta .ou eu preciso criar outra?

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