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The Complete Guide to Setting Up Plex in Windows

Intro to Plex

While most of you probably already know what Plex is, for those of you who don’t… In a nutshell, Plex is a piece of (free) software that organizes your media, makes your collections look great, and lets you access and stream all of that content from other computers, TVs, gaming consoles, tablets, smartphones, etc. It supports virtually every media file format you can throw at it (including hi-fi music and video formats), it supports Chromecast – you can even share your content with friends and let them stream from your collection.

This guide takes you each and every step of the way through installing and configuring Plex on a Windows PC. Plex works on all modern versions of Windows (Windows 7, 8 and 10). Between the amount of effort and thought that went into making Plex so easy to use and the level of detail in this guide, absolutely anyone can install, setup and start using Plex in no time at all!

the main Plex web interface
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How to sync your Windows Mobile device with your Mac

This tutorial will walk you every step of the way through installing, setting up and using SyncMate to sync your Windows Mobile device with your Mac.

Though SyncMate isn’t new, they’ve just released a version with a long awaited feature – the ability to sync using a locked Windows Mobile/Pocket PC device. The free version of SyncMate is limited to only syncing your Contacts and iCal calendar (and Google Contacts and/or Google Calendar) – but that’s more than enough for me. It’s also worth mentioning that you can also use SyncMate to mount your Windows Mobile device as a drive in OS X – and browse/transfer files to and from your Mac/device. Keep reading for the full walk-through. …

How to setup and use Yahoo! Go 3.0 for Windows Mobile

Yahoo! Go 3.0 Beta is now available for Windows Mobile devices. I thought I’d give it a spin, particularly because the upload to Flickr option seemed like it might be handy. This tutorial/review will walk you through installing, setting up and using Yahoo! Go 3.0 Beta. It will show you how to add additional widgets, perform searches, and use the Upload To Flickr widget.

main yahoo go interface

How to control Winamp from your iPhone, iPod Touch or web browser

This tutorial will guide you through setting up and using WWWinamp, a Windows web server-like application that allows remote control of Winamp via any web browser. If you run a media server in your house and want to be able to control what’s playing in Winamp without having to go to that server, this is the program for you. …