How to play MAME ROMs (games) in OS X

Today I stumbled across an old CD I have full of MAME ROMs. I thought I’d see if you could play them in OS X, and sure enough it’s actually quite straight forward. This brief tutorial will guide you in playing MAME games in OS X.

  1. To get started, download and install MAME OS X. Once installed, launch it from your Applications folder.
  2. mame for os x
    click to enlarge

  3. The first time you run MAME OS X, it will ‘audit’ several hundred (thousand?) ROMs (games). This can take upwards of half an hour to complete. If you don’t want to import/audit all of these games …
  4. mame for os x
    click to enlarge

  5. …select File -> Abort Audit.
  6. mame for os x

  7. Otherwise, once the audit has completed, you’ll be presented with a huge list of games.
  8. mame for os x
    click to enlarge

  9. To actually play a game, drag the ROM (as a zip file) to the Your Username -> Library -> Application Support -> MAME OS X -> ROMs folder. PS. you can find lots of ROMs here.
  10. mame for os x
    click to enlarge

  11. Then start the game by double-clicking it from the massive list of games in MAME OS X. NOTE: if you have trouble getting games to launch, please see this comment by Joshua Pierce. Thanks Josh!
  12. mame for os x

  13. Something you may want to take a look at is MAME Library, a free program that makes organizing, finding and launching games even easier. If you’ve ever used iPhoto, you’ll be very familiar with the interface. When you launch MAME Library for the first time, it will import the database from MAME OS X. This only takes a minute or two.
  14. mame for os x

  15. MAME Library organizes your games/ROMs via screenshots (which you can take by hitting F12 while playing a game).
  16. mame for os x
    click to enlarge

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  • Dennis


    mame doesnt work for me most of the time. when i try to load a game it says that some files are missing and that i should look at the log file or something. any clue?

    it only worked with alex kidd but with scratches on the sound. And i couldnt play, none of the buttons were working. Only P for pause.



  • @Dennis:

    And you’re sure the zip file is in the right place? I was able to play Contra (US), MegaMan and a few others no problem. I did have some issues w/ a couple of the games, but by and large most of them seemed to work. After you add a zip to the folder, select File > Audit Unaudited Games. Then try and play the game again.. Hope this helps!

  • Andrew

    im having the same problem with the missing files and auditing the file didn’t work. i downloaded marvel vs capcom highlighted it and clicked audit selected games and tried to play it after it was done but it still didn’t work

  • Andrew

    also the zip file is in the right place

  • @Andrew –

    Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that it’s kind of ‘hit and run’ when it comes to some games. They work no problem in Windows MAME, but in OS X they don’t launch at all…. I’d say it’s even as high as 25%
    don’t work…

  • James Eivers

    Hi, every time I download a MAME rom it automatically unzips?

  • Jakob

    According to what Ive found, its supposed to mean that your missing a .CHD (Core Hard Drive) file, sound files, or some other file, I dont know how or where to get these files, but its what it says (too bad I didnt figure that out before I got my hopes up for a 46 mb metal slug game)

  • ^^ btw marvel vs capcom isn’t a chd game. The most up to date resource is . Aaron Giles is the mastermind behind it. Read his updates and post there for yor questions to be answered asap.

  • guys go to and get the mame chd torrent and the mame roms torrent, both required, and will have it all!!! you can even get 1.20 roms and 1.19 chd, its all good

  • Marty

    When I try and run MameOSX, it crashes immediately giving me a Bus Error… any ideas? I’m running 10.5.2.

  • Joshua Pierce

    This page ends up being the top listed item for many of my searches for a OS X version of MAME, so I figured I’d post this in case someone else has the same problems I have.

    Anyway, I was a bit confused, and had the same problem as Andrew. MAME OS X did the complete audit thing, and then gave me a huge list of games, most of which I knew I didn’t have. Trying to play the ones I did know I have gave me errors telling me the files where missing, same as Andrew. The ROMs where in the right place.

    Looking at the logs – it’s calling for quite a few missing files. I unzipped the ROM in question, and all of those missing files are there, so I assumed it’s not seeing the ROM file.

    So anyway, long story short – I went into the preferences, and re-pointed the application to the ROM directory manually, setting that directory as the same one it *should* have been looking at from the beginning, and had no problems since then. What was any different, I don’t know, but since then, I’ve had no problems.

  • @Joshua Pierce:

    Thanks very much for that tip – I’m going to update the tutorial w/ your info.

  • Alex

    I can not get any of the games to start and I cant drag any of them to unzip them. If you have any advice on unzipping the rom from the list and getting it started please let me know. Thanks

  • Andrew

    If OSX automatically unzipped the folder all you have to do is to right click the folder and archive it then it should bring it back to a zip file. It worked for me.

  • Sebastian

    Does street hoop works on macmame? Any ideas?

  • Steve

    I can get as far as “Type OK or move the joystick left and right to continue” but no further. Any ideas?

  • Steve

    OK it doesn’t like my cordless Logitech keyboard. Got the old Apple one out of the box and am currently playing Pang!

  • Gyll

    Hello everyone I am trying to open this game called Alien vs Predator on the program called MAMEUI32 0.122u8 and it is saying that I am missing a crap load of file to make the game run my computer is a dell and it runs on Microsoft XP some one pleas help me out I really wanna play this game

  • Pigumon

    OK Guys, this is my theory so far. I’m pretty sure the missing files are contained within the APPLICATION, that’s why there’s an entire list of games already in the app, and that’s why the same roms will work on a PC but sometimes not on a Mac. Because the PC version is constantly updated. If you look online, you’ll see a lot of rom bundles with a particular version number, and they’ll usually tell you to use the same version number of the app. So that’s why I think you need to keep up to date with your app.

    Also **VERY IMPORTANT**, when you first launch Mame OS X, it creates a ton of folder in your home directory’s Application Support/Mame OS X. This is where you should drag all of your ROMS. If not, it won’t know where to look. OR if you have them store somewhere else, go into prefs (like Joshua did) and select the proper location.

    **Also Important** for space saving, You DON’T have to UNZIP your roms! The app can read the zipped files easily.

  • Mike

    I have gone through both Joshua and Pigumon’s suggestions, and still end up with the “Missing Files” dialog box of death. Any further suggestions?

  • Tom

    well this is a great guide, it was one of the things i was going to miss about the pc to mac switch but this beauty has changed all that :) does anyone know how to get street fighter 3 to run in mame osx? theres a guy here that has apparently managed ( but this thread seems more active so i thought id try hear first

    ill keep messing around an let you know if i work it out

  • Jeff

    I’m still having problems getting certain roms to open, I tried choosing the directory itself but the game will not run

  • KGD

    Some ROMS work; others open but display a distorted screen. How can this get corrected?

  • David Yamauchi

    For those of you that are missing files-

    Just a note- some of the ROMS that you are downloading are just versions of games- example- if you download Ms. Pac-Man you are probably just getting the Ms. Pac-Man files- but Ms. Pac-Man needs the Pac-Man files to run because Pac-Man was its parent game. Ms. Pac-Man ran on Pac-Man hardware so the Ms. Pac-Man ROM you downloaded is just the “chip” that was necessary to convert the machine.

    Many ROMS online are incomplete. You can swap files from ROM to ROM by unzipping them and checking out the folder contents. For example, if your Galaga is missing galax.6e and your Galaxian folder has that file just copy it over and rezip the folder. Have gotten tons of files to work by simply completing the folders with the files that are asked for.

    FYI.. currently working on my Mac-

  • Mark73


    I’ve got Rampage to run but the frame-rate is really slow & jerky.
    How do I make it smoother?

    Also, how do I configure the controls?

    Thanks folks.

  • Djkam

    I used to manage roms on older versions of MacMame with ease. But MAME OSX seems a little tricky compare to those version. First the interface is not clear enough. For example if you make a complete audit, you don’t know which roms is complete or not unless you hit the information icon for “each roms”. That really sucks. There’s another problem coming from the roms. “Gauntlet” for example. Why should I reload the same roms cause some ass decide to rename the file inside ? Come on its starting to get real pain even for guys like me who spent month to make a clean rom archives. Even clones are pain in the ass. They should make a simple rule. One game, One zip file that includes all the stupid fucking clones ! And please we should stop using the DOS format name… 2008 and we still have to deal with ‘’. I hate PC just for that. And for last, even if you have everything right with the correct rom at the right place, the emulator return ‘some files were missing’. A complete audit seems not to work even the option, audit the selected item. I’m very close to give up cause its not fun anymore…

  • spidey

    I was VERY VERY excited to play an old fav called Wardner. Got an adaptor to use PS1 controller. Plugged it in and it worked. Problem was, it was using an unusual button arrangement so I went into the menu that alters the controls for the game. I went to Button 1 and hit enter, it awaited the new button input. I hit the square button on the controller… nothing… I hit all the buttons… nothing. I hit the spacebar. It added the spacebar to the list of buttons that it would now consider to be button 1. I somehow figured out that holding function and escape would restore the button to default. However, now the game no longer recognizes my PS1 controller AT ALL.
    Please help

    Thank You


  • spidey

    I’ve just realized to my horror that MAME OS X no longer recognizes my controller now no matter what game I select.

    Pleae help!!!

  • IWIN28

    Just to let everyone who comes across any problems playing games that all games work. Theres a link up top where the games can be found but in order for them to work you must download their “parent” zip file. For example if you wanted to play street fighter you must download the zip that contains all the files necessary which will be a zip in MB not KB. If you wanted to play a different revision of the game then you would download the files that are in kb. HAVE FUN!

  • will

    I am just wondering, How long does it take to update the game list? …because i seem to be sitting, waiting, wishing it finishes soon so i can play some games

    Thanks Ross

  • spidey

    I’ve switched to a logitech controller. Controller problem solved. Also, I’ve found a way to get nearly all of the MAMEs to work. You download all of the MAME files for a game. Then open all of the zip files. Cut and paste the newest files into the folder containing the next newest files. Then Cut and paste all of those files into the next newest folder of files. Keep doing this until all of the files have been copied/overwritten into the oldest file. Then cut and paste all of those files into the (now empty) newest folder. Delete the empty older folders. You now have one folder that contains all of the files for the game, and any updated files will have overwritten any old files. Convert this new folder to a zip file. Now put the zip file into the appropriate place and play the MAME of the same name. Using this technique I’ve found that instead of 20%-40% of the games not working, now only about 3% won’t work. You see, I think that only one of the MAMEs for a given game contains the applications files needed to run it, and the others are add-on files that don’t work by themselves. Using this procedure you’ll end up with the application files plus all of the add-ons. In fact since your new super file contains everything. You can usually copy the zip file and rename it to correspond to any of the MAME names for the particular game and most will work. In fact, you should do this if my initial procedure fails, I’ve still gotten it to work by making as many copies of the “super” zip file as there are MAMEs for the game, renaming each one to correspond to each MAME name on the list for that game, put the all into the appropriate folder, and then just try playing each MAME for that game until I hit the one that works.

  • yxbd153

    I have managed to get almost all of my MAME32 files from my PC to work with MAME OS X on my new iMac. Any ROMs that did not seem to work I’ve downloaded again from

    Those that still did not work, have a look at your log file which will tell you exactly which files are missing from the zip file for that game and just do a bit of Googling. There seem to be a several games from Namco that are missing the files 50xx.bin or 51xx.bin or 52xx.bin etc. (Galaga initially reported a missing 51xx.bin for me). See here

    Just add these missing files to your existing Galaga, Pole Position, Xevious, Bosconian or DigDug .zip files and it will fix them.

    Hope this helps someone…

  • yxbd153

    Could anyone advise me as to where to place the static graphics files that some games need e.g. the side of the case in Battle Zone or the backdrop in Asteroids Deluxe. It seems to have changed from when I had MAME32.

    I have tried placing the files in a Cabinet Art/ folder in their own sub-folder of the same name as the ROM and it still does not seem to pick these up. I have checked that MAME OS X is looking in the right folder under Preferences but it does not seem to use any of these in the above 2 games. Do the artwork files need to be in an unzipped format?

  • hi
    I have download the roms for metal slug 2 but when I try to play it tells me that there’s missing some ROMs files but in fact there are in the folder, Can you help to now how I can play the game or how can I get the ROM for the game?

  • Brett

    Hey I was wondering if someone can Email me a bug fix for MAME OS X. I keep getting this error saying I’m missing .bin files or something like that. No matter what I do it’s always the same error. Can someone please email me? Thanks

  • yxbd153

    @ Brett – it sounds like you don’t need a bug-fix for the game per se, you’ll need to update the ROMs, several of which have changed. Try running a game and then looking at the log file which will tell you which ones you are missing then do a google and quite often you’ll find the new ROM with the missing BINs.

  • Hello. I followed Joshuas advice, but I can not get my Pac Man game running. I put all those files in a different folder and relocated it but it still does not work. HELP!

  • andrew day


    I’ve altered my game settings for a football game using tab and then going into the ‘this game’ menu. The problem is that I can’t undo the settings I’ve made! It simply adds the new settings to the old ones so now about 5 keys have the same function.

    I know I’m probably missing something simple but can’t work out how to undo the changes.


  • nick

    I really need a detailed roadmap about trying to get this to work. Joshua Price’s info gets me so far, but I can’t get much farther. If you know how to open any of these games, and get past the missing files problem, I need step by step info on where to go. Sorry I’m not a computer genius.

  • nick

    ok , i downloaded the missing roms, but i cant get them into the game. any help?

  • lele808

    Cavolo qui mame scatta di bruutto,non capisco come si possa risolvere sta cosa!!!

  • josh

    when i play it goes to 100% then it says veiw the log so i do and it says all files not found

  • The Daytona USA Man

    I am a big fan of the Daytona USA series. That’s why I downloaded MAME.

    Ofcourse I find it cannot play any of the Daytona games, files missing etc. One began to load and told me there were serious problems and that there is no point in trying to play this game.

    Has anyone els experienced this, or did anyone get to play Daytona through MAME. I’d love to know from anyone if it is possible to make it work. Don’t make me shell out for the actual arcade machine, I can’t afford it.. and have no room for one..

    “Blue, blue skys I see.. Dayyytonnnaaaaaaa..”

  • This is a comment from Eric that he (accidentally I think) emailed directly to me instead of posting as a comment:

    i don’t know about the daytona games, but what i found for others is that i have to download files from several sources to get the games to play. When you start the game go to the WINDOWS tab at the top, click it then and click on LOG. This will tell you what files are missing. I usually find what i need at romnation, romhustler or . Download the game files, then pick out the ones you’re missing and drag and drop into your own game file for that game. It usually takes a few different sites to get them all.

  • Brad

    I have Gauntlet working on my mac but I can’t seem to control the game in any fashion. It seems like the game responds to keystrokes because it skips along the opening sequence. But I can’t seem to get the game started.

    Any help out there?

    Thank you!

  • Nick

    Why does it unzip the roms unzip automatucally after download?

  • Jonas

    Nick that is your safari, just use firefox or camino.

  • spidey

    You can still use safari. You have two options. Either fish the zip file out of your trash, or right click on the folder and “create archive”.

  • spidey


    Hit the TAB button to open the menus that will not only allow you to see which buttons do what, but you can also remap the buttons there too.

  • Jazman

    I cant get Neo Geo games to run? Do I need to install a NeoGeo Bios?

  • bloodpool

    ok guys i’ve been trying to get STREET FIGHTER 3rd stike to run….however….i seem to have all of the files…the LOG just tells me that it cannot find the 33s000.chd file BUT ITS CLEARLY inside the HARD DISK IMAGES folder where i put it. I tried re-directing in the PREFERENCES but nothing seems to work…!?? i have downloaded 2 versions of the CHD file and put it twice in the folder….i even ZIPPED it….but nothing…. any ideas as to why the log wont find my file even though its where its supposed to be??

  • bloodpool

    HEY GUYS!! I DID IT!!! thought i’d report it. it turns out that for STREET FIGHTER 3rd strike…the .CHD file is supposed to be ZIPPED or COMPRESSED with the ROM… i thought i’d try it out since i was running out of options and it WORKED!!!!!!!!!! so …..i took the .zip file of the rom, unzipped it, then zipped it back but with the CHD file . when i opened MAME OS X it suddenly read it no problems… hope this helps some of you guys in here. bye!

  • Eu queria saber como fazer para instalar no meu computador o jogo mame no os x.Se tiver que pagar.AI NÃO

  • Tommy

    Hey I got it working too.Does anyone know how to play online in MAME OS X?If so please email me.

  • Nuno

    I would like to know how can i install the neo geo bios files in mame osx! Thanks in advance!

  • Giuseppe

    Nuno wrote: “I would like to know how can i install the neo geo bios files in mame osx! Thanks in advance!”

    just like any other rom: move the bios zip file into the roms directory.

  • Giuseppe

    Tommy wrote: “Hey I got it working too.Does anyone know how to play online in MAME OS X?If so please email me.”

    You can’t.

  • Mike

    Need some help: I can’t play any games. I’ve downloaded them, moved them to the ROMs file, then activated MAME and tried auditing those titles. The game’s are not found. What do I do?


    I downloaded mame0sx and all my downloaded roms work but killer instinct doesn’t work and that really hurt me because it was the main reason why I downloaded mameosx.

  • Jeffrey

    Okay so I did what joshua Pierce said and tried to redirect the direction and it wont let me choose the TMNT zip (the game i currently want to play) any help as to why this is?

  • Jimmy

    I am having a lot of problems with this. I can never understand these things.
    I didn’t bother to audit the games, instead, I audited the games I want. After that, I click on the game from the list & it reads it cannot read the file. Also, there is no folder in my username library that has “ROMs”.
    So what do I do?? I really want the experience to play MAME.

  • Gustavo

    tengo una duda…. no se como salvar una partida…. para no tener que comenzar el juego desde el principio…..o no se si el programa tenga la función de salvar partidas…. agradezco su atención

    mucha suerte

  • Colin

    Ok so I have a few questions regarding MAME OS X. Primarily, I downloaded it so I could play “Guilty Gear XX Slash (Rev A).” I got the CHD for it and put it in the right folder I assume since it doesn’t tell me that file is missing anymore. The other files are different, however.
    The ROM is not in ROM format, it is, and while I have that in both zipped and unzipped versions in the ROMs folder, it says it can’t find them. It also asks for a slew of files in the form of epr-21576x.bin. I have all of the files it asks for but I don’t know where to put them and it says it can’t find them. I also have this problem with the file fpr-23489c.ic14.
    SO, what I am asking is: what do I do with the .data file? where do I put the .bin files? and where do I put the .ic14 file? Thank you very much!

  • funzo

    hey i cant get any metal slug games to work
    i downloaded them all 4 times already…i got the neo geo plug ins but it still sais its bad
    ne one help me out a bit?

  • koko

    hello all, i thank all of you for the posts and support as i went throgh all of them just now, some wer handy, but in the other hand iv got the game i need to work but somthing still bugging, the game is “street fighter III 3rd strike”, it didnt run firstly but i tried several stuff and now its working, now when it starts it gave a green window says it wont work correctly, i opend the log file and here is what i found:

    EXPECTED: CRC(ba7f76b2) SHA1(6b396596dea009b34af17484919ae37eda53ec65)
    FOUND: CRC(77233d39) SHA1(59c3f890fdc33a7d8dc91e5f9c4e7b7019acfb00)
    WARNING: the game might not run correctly.”

    so is this a bad rom? or should i try download all game vr. to skipp some file missing pain?

    will be verry verry thankfull if u help and share some suggestions.
    thank you

  • jason

    hey amigo donde puedo descargar roms de metal slug

  • Brown

    I’m doing exactly what this says and nothing opens. It just keeps telling me that I have missing files

  • Brown

    Naymind. Read Joshua’s Comment

  • Moonwalker333

    Guys I REALLY NEED help with this. I downloaded Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker for Mame os x but every time I put it in the ROMs folder in the mame os x, it just doesnt open. The log says it’s missing required files but it’s all there. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

  • Leon Fletcher

    Could Someone help me, I have made sure that the ROM directory is in the right place and the actual ROM is too but It still is saying that F-Zero has missing files.

  • Josh

    Hello, I’m having trouble auditing games. The ROM is in ZIP format, and is in the ROMs folder. But when I clock audit, it doesn’t audit the game. The emulator should be able to find it in the ROM folder but it is not Please advise!

  • shawn

    Ok i have finally figured out what was wrong with some of the games logs not being found but they are there. First get your rom and know exactly which one it is (Japan, version B, Japan, version A and so on) Put it in the rom folder in zip format. Now the part i changed Go to the audit list and hover over the one that you have. It should give a name of the file keep that in mind. Now look at the file you have mine was renamed to something different which is why it could not be found. So which ever file you have rename it was when you hovered over the audit list and it worked for me.

  • iamsaac

    Hey guys I’ve got yet another problem. I have the .zips in the rom directory for metal slugs 3 and 4, but they apparently have missing files, according to the log. the missing files are:

    000-lo.lo NOT FOUND
    sfix.sfix NOT FOUND
    sp-s2.sp1 NOT FOUND
    sm1.sm1 NOT FOUND

    i have downloaded roms for these games at a couple different sites, and the zip never had these files in it, so i was wondering how i can get these, or what i have to do, or whatever.


  • Roland Babris

    When ever I try to play a game it says “go to the log window for help” and it wont start the game. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • michael

    could someone please? Every time I try to launch mame os x, i get …Error mame os x aborted unexpectedly. I really want to run roms on my ibook but seem to be to ignorant to get it going.

  • KH

    Thank you so much! I couldn’t get my roms to import to the new mac mame and had no information forthcoming. This praise is certainly belated relative to your post but thank you nonetheless.

  • Calvin

    wait so im supposed to drag it to the ROMs folder WHILE its still a zip file and then zip it while its in the folder?

  • Cheeky

    For Neo Geo games to be working on MAME you should look for the Neo Geo BIOS files of which you put in the MAME BIOS folder for them to work. Hope this helps.

  • Cheeky

    Some MAME emulators supposrt certain games and other versions do not, look for the MAME program, (There should be a back catalogue of previous MAME’s) that will support your game. I owned a PC before I hopped over to MAC, but Im sure the principal is the same.
    GAUNTLET will run on one MAME but not the more current. So I just made a disc of that MAME program that could run MAME. Hope this helps

  • Chad

    My MAME OS X won’t make the folder that is in application support folder so I can’t add roms to play.

  • roelex

    Its in your users library, which may be hidden

  • Nick

    hi i still am having trouble opening the roms i followed what josh said and getting into the preferences and re directing the roms but it didnt work. im really at my wits end. i have a macbook air (idk if thats relevant to the problem) but i try downloading the roms i get the zip file im just a little unclear on how i get them to the mame and how to play them.

  • Tammy

    I cant find MAME OS X on application support

  • Gigi

    There’s no folder for mame at the libary

  • Jeremy Barton

    mame osx is gay can’t play any games why not have file open like snes9x which works
    I’ve tried everything it’s stupid

  • sgt schultz

    Great thanks, but your links take you back to this page (ie. the ‘Josh & Main Library)

  • Amaterasu

    If you can’t see Library folder,

    1. Open terminal
    2. Type this in,

    chflags nohidden ~/Library

    then you can see.
    Have a gg

  • Cory

    If you’re having problems (as I was getting mario to work), it seems that I was missing the PlayChoice-10 BIOS. This is something you need in addition to the ROM. After downloading that and copying it over, it worked.

  • dan bost

    or even easier, click on finder proceed to click on go tab on top bar! hold option while on go tab! Library magically appears! ;)

  • Ian Waller

    I keep getting a “missing files” message every time I try to boot up the capcom Arcade of Aliens vs Predator, need help ASAP, also, where is this “joshua” comment everyone keeps talking about? I can’t find it.

  • Julio

    oh hey. meant to reply. see above.

  • cat3appr

    nah… it doesn’t work… the roms are in the right place, library/application support/mame osx/roms , they are zipped, but I keep getting the error : some files were missing…
    Someone can upload a working version of mame osx?

  • TheFixer

    Ok for all people who get the message Some Files Were missing try clicking, File on the top mac tool bar and click Audit all undated games or Audit all games.

  • CentralCoasting

    Yeah I audited all games but it is still missing files for any game that I chose. What a bummer.

  • MrPong

    Mame OS X is proof of concept that either mame port to osx is garbage or OSX IS the actual garbage.

    Probably both.

    It should just work placed ANYWHERE the fnck I want just looking for the folder “rom” right below its own a$$, simple as that.

    Now I understand most devs have heads filled with nothing but $hit.

  • routchane

    help please, after installing mame os x, inside librairy folder, there is no folder named “mame os x” to put roms inside…

  • routchane

    ok I found the solution :) !!!!!
    it is very easy in fact, and it works very well after. forget about librairy files, just open mame os x, than open “preferences” of this application, here you have “roms”, you click on it, you have option “choose”, and you just have to choose the place of the roms you have downloaded!!! and then it works. I know this will help a lot of gamer that couldn’t found the folder “mame os x” in the librairy. enjoy! cheers

  • Lamar Gary (Lamarvelous)

    it was so easy. The reason why files are missing because modern games have way more data and need CDs so there is a special file… I think its cdh or chd or something like that, can’t remember anymore. But you put that in your rom folder, just like a NeoGeo Bios zip for Neo Geo games. Then you are closer. I wish I could be more descriptive, but it’s been a while since I did this. But the point is, put in a little more effort and don’t give up because it is possible to play the games you love from back then! Keep going!

  • Simsnet

    Sorry for the late help…there’s 2 Library folders in OS X. Your Library folder, located under /Users/(your name)/Library/ is a hidden folder, so you’ll need to use Command+Shift+G to access it. The other folder is the system Library folder, and that’s used for Apple applications.

  • Simsnet


    Since you’re using the ZIP files in a read-only format, you don’t have to extract.

  • Simsnet

    Window > Log
    (they tell you in reverse)

  • Simsnet

    Sometimes when ROMs are ripped, the databases for ripping are different