How to open multiple sites in separate tabs each time you start Firefox

The following brief tutorial will show you how to open multiple web sites, each in their own tab, every time you launch Firefox.

  1. Open the Firefox Preferences. In Windows and Linux, they can be found by selecting Tools -> Preferences. In OS X, select Firefox -> Preferences.
  2. Select the Main tab, and in the Home Page: section, enter each site separated by a |

    firefox main preferences
    click to enlarge

  3. The next time Firefox starts (or you click the Home button, each site will open in its own tab.
  4. firefox with multiple tabs
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  • One can also enable session saving so that when FF starts, all the tabs that were open when it was closed earlier could be restored.

  • Terry

    You can also have the desired tabs open then choose “Use Current Pages” to set them all as your home page. Close FF, then reopen. Voila!

  • firefoxlover

    how does one type that straight line divider between each site?

  • Kanwaljit

    What to do if multiple sites open only when each Tab is made active and “Try Again” button pressed.

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  • Gireal

    I don’t like that
    I don’t want when I press the home button 5 pages to open.
    I just need an addon or something that just opens the pages when firefox starts

  • Sind

    Same here. Chrome works better in this regard; when clicking home, only the active tab updates, it doesn’t reopen additional tabs.