Download 10+ additional Growl styles

So now that you’ve installed and setup Growl, you might want to download some additional styles, if none of the included ones really catch your eye. Or, if you’ve been using the same one for ages (guilty) and want to mix it up a bit.

The ‘official’ Growl styles site,, has (at this time) 21 additional styles for you to download.

Ixtus growl style

The GrowlHUD style is elegant and minimal – I may end out using it full-time if I get bored of the iPhone style.


The iPhone Growl style is the one I’m currently using.

iphone growl style

But there’s another you may like more.

another iphone growl style

The ToolBox Growl style was inspired by the semi-transparent toolboxes found in some OS X software (eg. iLife)

ToolBox growl style

Adium Growl Style 2 was based on MSN GrowlStyle, but without the ugly MSN icon. Though you probably won’t want to use it as the system-wide default Growl style, it makes an excellent style for Adium notifications.

adium growl style

The cinque Growl style is based on the “Above The Night” style.

cinque growl style

Another style that you may not want to use system wide, GotMail makes for an excellent mail notification.

gotmail growl style

The Glass Candy Growl styles aren’t entirely my taste – but they might be perfect for you.

glass candy growl style

Similar to the Adium style (above) – the aMSN style is probably not one you’ll want to use system wide, but is great for MSN notifications.

amsn candy growl style

Fear[grr], though again not my taste, would fit in outstandingly with the Fear Platinum 3 GuiKit.

feargrrr candy growl style

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  • TwisterMc October 17, 2007, 4:45 am

    Thanks for the pickup. :) I also have one called present that may be of interest.

  • Colin October 29, 2007, 6:50 pm

    I was always fond of Notify OS X, but it looks out-of-place now that Growl actually has widget-y close buttons.

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