How to extract the images from a .doc file using Writer

This brief tutorial will guide you through the steps to extract all of the images from a .doc file. Though the screenshots are specific to Writer, the steps are nearly identical for Microsoft Word (including 2007).

  1. Start by opening the .doc file
  2. openoffice writer
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  3. Select File and then Save As…
  4. openoffice writer

  5. From the Save in: list, select the location you want to save the image(s)
  6. openoffice writer

  7. Select HTML Document from the drop-down list in the Save as type: section.
  8. openoffice writer
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  9. If you get a warning about formatting just ignore it and click Yes. Note: you won’t be altering the original document, just copying the pictures from it.
  10. openoffice writer
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  11. Now go to the folder that you specified in step #3 above. All of the pictures will be there! Note: you can delete the .html file that will also be in the same folder.
  12. openoffice writer
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