How to display your free hard disk space in the OS X Menu bar

Using the free $1.99 program SpaceControl, you can have your free hard disk space displayed in your OS X Menu bar.

Please note: This guide was published back in 2007, and while SpaceControl still exists, it has moved to the App Store and is no longer free. It may or may not work in the latest versions of macOS – I can’t test it because it’s not available in the Canadian version of the Mac App Store.

  1. Download SpaceControl, unzip it and drag the program to your Applications folder. Launch it from there.

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  3. The first time SpaceControl runs, you’ll be prompted to check out the preferences. You might as well, so click Show Preferences.

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  5. On the General tab, you can specify the limit point at which you want to be ‘warned’ that your drive is almost full. You can also opt to have SpaceControl start with OS X by selecting Open SpaceControl automatically when I log on.

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  7. Select the Warnings tab and from here you can have a sound played when your disk hits the limit you specified on the General tab. You can even have SpaceControl email you when the limit is hit by filling in your email settings and enabling Warn through E-Mail. Click Done.

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  9. And now you’ll always know how much free space you have on your hard drive.
  10. Click on the new Menu bar icon and the free space on any attached drives (external or network) will also be displayed – along w/ the total amount of free space across all drives. You can also access your Preferences from here any time you want to change them.

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