How to get Vista-style (Aero) 3D Task Switching in Windows 2000 and XP

Shock Aero 3D is a task switching (alt-tab) utility that brings some of the Aero graphics (“Windows Flip 3D”) of Vista to Windows 2000 and XP. And though it requires a registration, it is free software.

  1. Start by downloading and installing Shock Aero 3D. The installation is very straight forward, you’ll just click “OK” and “Next” a few times. After it’s installed, make sure to select ‘run now’. You should notice a new icon in your system tray.
  2. tray icon for shock aero 3d

  3. Right-click that icon, and select Option from the pop-up menu.
  4. right click tray icon for shock aero 3d

  5. At this point you’ll probably be prompted to register the program. Don’t worry, it is free – but it requires a registration. Use a throw-away email address and sign up via the Get Serial Number from link in the pop-up. Paste the info that’s emailed to you into the appropriate fields.
  6. register shock aero 3d

  7. Now you should be able to get to the options. The Screen Effect is probably the one you’ll want to try changing first. Below you’ll find screenshots of each of the types of Screen Effects. One last thing – to invoke Shock Aero 3D use the keyboard combo Windows Key + Tab, and then Tab to move through the open windows.
  8. shock aero 3d options
    click to enlarge

  9. Flip View
  10. shock aero 3d flip view
    click to enlarge

  11. Grid View
  12. shock aero 3d grid view
    click to enlarge

  13. Wave Flip View
  14. shock aero 3d wave flip view
    click to enlarge

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0 thoughts on “How to get Vista-style (Aero) 3D Task Switching in Windows 2000 and XP”

  1. YOU have to right click on the icon in the tray, go to options and set the hotkey ( wont let you set it to alt tab , use alt ` insted)

    done and one

  2. Hi, i have no problem to installed the software but i have problem to get the serial number. By clicking the link, i go to the web site which is all korean language and i can’t understand on it…. can someone help me on this?

  3. Patrick O'Sullivan

    I recently downloaded Aero 3D.
    It installed without a problem.
    When i pressed Windows/Tab buttons nothing
    I uninstalled & reinstalled to no avail.
    I am unable to get this program to work on
    my computer.
    My operating system is Windows XP Professional
    Media Center 2005.


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