How to resize multiple images in one step using Windows

This tutorial will guide you in using free software for Windows to resize a group of files all at once (batch resizing). The input pictures can be JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG or HD Photo (.wdp, .hdp) format. The resized output files will be JPG.

  1. To get started, download and install the free Fast Image Resizer for Windows. Once it’s installed, launch it from your Start menu. Click the Options button to set your preferences.
  2. resizing pictures in windows

  3. From here you can increase or decrease the quality of the files that will be created. You can also specify how you want the files saved – in the same folder as the originals, in a subfolder of the images, or in a specific folder of your choice. Review the other options and make changes as you see fit.
  4. resizing pictures in windows
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  5. Select the Resolution output for the files you’re going to resize. Now just drag some files from Windows Explorer to the Drop files here area of Fast Image Resizer.
  6. resizing pictures in windows

  7. And your files will be resized.
  8. resizing pictures in windows

  9. Once it’s done, you’ll get a little summary of how long it took. Locate the new files and check to make sure they’re everything you had specified etc.
  10. resizing pictures in windows

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  • This is a great program i have used programs before that cost money and none of them worked as easy as this one. I just wish it supported more output formats

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    I had high hopes for this software & was happy with the amount of good feedback the product has. Unfortunately, it didn’t work as intended for me. I selected 970 x 230 for my images but they save as 307 x 230. Uninstalled.

  • Very nice program, simple and fast, it resized all my photos (portrait and landscape) in several sizes with no problems.
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  • This works great…. EXCEPT that it overwrites the Date Taken property with nulls.

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