How to use uTorrent to Download Bittorrent Files

This tutorial will take you step by step through setting up and using uTorrent to download files using bittorrent in Windows.

  1. First up, download uTorrent for Windows (the link will open the uTorrent download page and the file will begin to download automatically). Double-click the installer file from your Downloads folder when the download has completed.
  2. windows file manager with an arrow pointing to the uTorrent installer file

  3. Click the Next button to begin the installation.
  4. the uTorrent installation wizard opening screen

  5. Click the Next button on the ‘warning’ screen.
  6. the utorrent Warning message part of the install wizard

  7. Review the EULA and then click the Agree button.
  8. the uTorrent EULA

  9. This step is important – unless you’re absolutely sure you want to give it a try – make sure to remove the check mark from the box labelled Install McAfee WebAdvisor before you click the Next button. You do not need to install WebAdvisor in order to use uTorrent.
  10. the Install McAfee WebAdvisor section of the uTorrent installer

  11. Decide where or if you’d like to have uTorrent create shortcuts and icons and then click the Next button.
  12. shortcut opens for uTorrent

  13. Take a look at the Additional Settings and make your selections accordingly. One you may want to strongly consider – you probably do not need uTorrent to start every time Windows boots up – so remove the check mark from the box labelled Start uTorrent when Windows starts up before you click the Next button.
  14. additional uTorrent settings

  15. Finally, click the Finish button to completely the installation.
  16. an arrow pointing to a Finish button

  17. When uTorrent starts, before you jump in and start using it – consider hiding the “sidebar”. It isn’t particularly useful and clutters the app up a bit. Click the Options item from the main menu and then remove the check next to Show Sidebar
  18. the Options menu items

  19. The main uTorrent window will now be displayed.
  20. the main uTorrent window without the sidebar
    click to enlarge

  21. Now find yourself a torrent to download, if you don’t have one ready to go. I’m a fan of eTree – it’s a site filled with torrents of live concerts from bands that allow audience members to tape and trade recordings.

    Once you’ve downloaded a .torrent file, click the Add Torrent button in uTorrent (see screenshot below) or click File and then Add Torrent…

  22. an arrow pointing to the Add Torrent button to download bittorrent files using uTorrent

  23. Navigate to the .torrent file on your hard drive, select it and then click the Open button.
  24. the Windows Open File dialogue box with an arrow pointing to a torrent file

  25. uTorrent will open a new window that displays all of the files that will be downloaded as a part of the .torrent. The default location to save this files is your Downloads folder, but can be changed by clicking the (3 dots) button in the Save in section. Click OK when you’re ready to start downloading the files.
  26. an arrow pointing to a button with 3 dots

  27. After a moment or two, the transfers will start.
  28. the main uTorrent window showing files to download using using bittorrent
    click to enlarge

  29. You can monitor the progress of your downloads by looking at the Status, Down Speed and ETA fields. The Status shows the percentage of the files that have completed downloading, the Down Speed displays the speed at which the files are downloading, and the ETA is the amount of time uTorrent expects the download to take.
  30. arrows pointing to Status, Down Speed and ETA in a menu

  31. Once the download(s) have completed, you’ll be notified.
  32. a Windows notification alterting a completed download

  33. The Status of that torrent will also switch to Seeding – which means you’re now sharing those files with other people. It’s generally considered good netiquette to seed those files for a while – bittorrent relies on it. The amount of time you opt to seed those files is entirely up to you.
  34. seeding files in uTorrent

  35. When you are ready to stop seeding and remove the torrent, select it and then click the Remove button.
  36. removing a torrent from uTorrent

  37. When prompted, click Yes to confirm you want to stop seeding the files and remove the torrent from uTorrent. Now you’re able to use uTorrent to download files using bittorrent!
  38. a windows confirmation dialogue box with an arrow pointing to the Yes button

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