How to use uTorrent to download bittorrent files

This tutorial will walk you through each of the steps in setting up and using uTorrent to download files using bittorrent. uTorrent is a free (and very feature-rich) bittorrent client for Windows 98/ME, NT/2000, XP, 2003, and Vista.

note: this tutorial was created using uTorrent version 1.7.5 Stable.

  1. First up, download uTorrent. Save the file to your downloads folder (or wherever you store temporary files) and run it when the download has completed.

    Decide where you want to create shortcuts to uTorrent, and click Yes.

  2. utorrent
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  3. When uTorrent is done installing, you’ll be prompted to set it as your default .torrent program. Click Yes.
  4. utorrent
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  5. Now you’ll need to set up uTorrent so that it performs as well as possible for your specific Internet connection. This will help ensure your bittorrent transfers go as quickly as possible, so it’s important to be accurate. If you know what your Internet connections upstream bandwidth is, select it from the Connection Type: drop down list. If you’re unsure, click the Run speed test at: button.
  6. utorrent
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  7. Your browser will open to a page that lists a bunch of speed tests. Assuming you have Flash 8 (or higher) installed (and you probably do), click the Flash 8 plugin based speed test link.
  8. utorrent
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  9. Make sure you’re not uploading or downloading any large files (so that your Internet connection remains mostly “unused”), and run the speed test from one of the locations that’s physically close to you. Once the test has completed, look for the Upload Speed number.
  10. utorrent

  11. Back in uTorrent, select the Connection Type: that’s closest to your Upload Speed result from the previous step. In my case, my upstream speed is about 582Kb/s, so I selected the xxx/512k entry. If your upload speed is in the 300-400 range, select the xxx/384k option.
  12. Now click the Test if port is forwarded properly button.

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  13. You’ll be directed to a web page that will say either Error (see screenshot below) or OK!. If you get the OK!, skip down to step 9.

    You got the error. That means one of a few things. You may have a software firewall installed (eg. McAfee Personal Firewall, Norton Internet Security, Windows Firewall etc). You may have a router (wireless or otherwise). But something is blocking port 44940 – the port that uTorrent uses. If a pop-up window appeared on your screen asking if you want to allow activity from uTorrent on port 44940 – click Yes, Yes and allow forever, or whatever similar option may be offered. If you have a router, you’re going to want to manually add port 44940 as ‘allowed’ for the PC that you’re running uTorrent on. As suggested on the error page, has a great list of routers with clear step-by-step instructions on how to forward ports on each one. Your router is probably listed on that page, and all of this port forwarding talk is not as difficult as you may be thinking.

  14. utorrent
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  15. Once you’ve enabled port forwarding for port 44940, run the test again. This time you should get a green OK!. Once you get the good news, click the Use Selected Settings button on the uTorrent Speed Guide window.
  16. utorrent

  17. So now find yourself a torrent to download. I frequent – it’s a site filled with live concerts from bands that allow audience members to tape and trade. Either open the .torrent directly (as seen in Firefox below) or save it to your hard drive and then double-click it to launch uTorrent.
  18. utorrent
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  19. You’ll be prompted to save the files contained in the torrent to somewhere on your hard drive. The default location in XP is in the Downloads folder of your My Documents. If you want to change the location, click the (three dots) button. Click OK when you’re done.
  20. utorrent
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  21. Your torrent files will begin to download. Feel free to ‘click around’ and get to know the uTorrent interface.
  22. utorrent
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  23. You may have noticed that uTorrent also has a system tray icon. You can right-click it to bring up some of the options and preferences.
  24. utorrent

  25. You can also click on the series of tabs in the main uTorrent interface and change settings that way.
  26. utorrent
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  27. Select Options -> Preferences… to bring up the uTorrent prefs – of which there are many. You may want to stick with the defaults, but by all means feel free to poke around and change the settings to your liking.
  28. utorrent
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  29. Once your torrent has finished downloading, the Status will change to Seeding. This means you’re sharing the complete set of files with other people.
  30. utorrent

  31. It’s generally considered good netiquette to seed the files until you hit a ratio of at least 1.0. That means for every byte you downloaded, you uploaded the same amount. Aiming for a ratio of at least 2.0 and you’ll be highly regarded :)
  32. utorrent

  33. When you do want to stop seeding a torrent, select it from the list and click the Remove button.
  34. utorrent

  35. When prompted, click OK to confirm.
  36. utorrent

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  5. I want to download this game for ps2 with utorrent.but when I select download file it starts to download emediatly.I cant open with utorrent..Pls help anyone

  6. I am so confused! Someone please help me… I downloaded utorrent and daemon Tools but I have no clue what all yall are talking about.. I am not stupid.. just really confused.. I have a windows 7, can someone explain how to do this in dumby lang.

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  9. Is there an option to make it possible to download a movie in such a way that I can start viewing it right away, before the download is done? In the sense of setting utorrent to look for the file packages in order so that, say when 5% of the movie has been dowloaded, it is actually the first 5% of the movie?

    Many thanks.

  10. hiii ppl , i hv deleted a very impo. torrent which was 13.8gb and was 55% completed , nw i want to download to start frm 55 % onwards…as i have the imcomplete file still in memory hw can i get this torrent work again

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  12. Hi, im having problems opening some software, when i open the file it asks which programme to use and I say uTorrent, then i get a message saying “Unable to load: Not enough storage space”. Can anyone help here? I placed uTorrent in Programme files on disk C which has 30GB storage left so i cant understand why it wont just open? many thanks to whoever can help i need this file to get into university! no bull!!!

  13. I watch all my downloads in a VLC player , mostly all the files are avi i think
    I’m no expert but I also can burn avi files to DVD using that DVD Flick

  14. Hi. I thought my sownload was finish so I removed it, but I had to finish seeding to use the file, How can I get back the file and start seeding again? I didnt delete it. Help?

  15. hey guys i have downloaded a few movies and ive seeded a bunch but im not sure how to watch them, any tips would be greatly appreciated im not 100% familiar with utorrent yet and the netiquette would be awesome. i just need to know how to watch them after theyre downloaded

  16. Okie dokie where to start…. i been using utorrent for about a month now and everything is fine but i noticed that when i deleted the download files from utorrent and remove them too from the utorrent app. my GB never came back then i tried something i removed+delete.torrent+data some of my GB came back. so here my question how do i get my GB back from the one i only removed and didn’t delete torrent+data? im missing like 10-15GB which really sux. any help would be greatly appreciated lot. also someone told me about virtual memory that it might be on there but i don’t even know how to find out or even where to look for that. thankies very much for u help.

  17. I am downloading a torrent and the same torrent that i am downloading is being seeded, how do i stop it from seeding so i can just download? I want to seed after it has been downloaded not during.

    Please e-mail me.

    Much appreciated. :D

  18. Hey Guys ,
    I got a problem with utorrent
    i have downloaded some movies
    but when i start it i dont see the movie i only hear voices of the movie
    Plz help me

  19. How do i downloads working. I have a torrent downloading but its not working. i have no seeders but only have 1 peer. how do i get it to download faster.
    Im using Windows Vista if that helps.
    Please help :-)

  20. Hey I am using Download accelarator Plus also for download files, I think it is interepting in torrent… Is it so??
    Because i cant download any file through it, I have performed whole process which displays above…
    Can anybody guide me please!!!

  21. Okay i am downloading a movie and its size it is 1.4 GB and my connection is very slow so the approx time to download the movie is in weeks so of course i cant leave the computer and internet on for a week so my question is this that can i download the movie successfully once when i have stopped the download and then start it again the next day?? Well i have been doing this for many dayz and have have downloaded 13.9% movie but when i play the movie its only 9 seconds long and the length is same since i played the movie for the first time and that time the download was 6% only… So plzz tell me wats wrong… Thanks

  22. man who needs help

    Help i downloaded a game on utorrent and utorrent is now seeding. how do i play after seeding is finished or can i play it before? do i need any other programs to play or what? plz help!

  23. hi, im using utorrent when im downloading movies or either, now i have a problem when im going to open the internet explorer and visit in any other website, i found it too slow while opening the website while the utorrent currently running,that’s why everytime im going to open the internet explorer i turn off the utorrent first before i proceed, anybody can help me

  24. ok i’ve figured out how to download the movies that i want and i have them saved in my downloads… my question now is how do i convert them and burn them to disk?? i have already downloaded the vlc player but i would like to watch them on my dvd player… i also have the avs converter but i tried to use it but i dont know what im doing!!!! pppllllzzzz help me!!! thanks melissa

  25. Hi peeps,
    I am a bit thick, i used limewire to download tunes but got a major trojan which embedded itself deep into my pc so i was told to use u torrent and pirate bay so i am doing but how do i open the files i have downloaded and convert them to mp3 so i can put them on my phone.



  27. Okay, I have figured out the downloading a torrent thing, but my problem is that I don’t know how to find it after it is finished downloading. It sometimes goes to my doc in the recently changed…but sometimes it doesn’ if its not there where do I find it? I am so computer…HELP. :)

  28. when i try to download a file, it wont verify. it just keeps trying. this has only recently started i have no probs on my other pc so i`m confused

  29. ok i downloaded utorrent and i downloaded the game i wanted to. but now that its done downloading, how do i get it to start? when i click on the icon nothing comes up except a black screen that only lasts about a second and then disappears. nothing happens after that. did i do something wrong? help please

  30. For everyone download movies that do not play in media player, you must download either a converter to change from avi to mpg or download VLC media player.

  31. im trying to download command and conquer Firestorm and i have utorrent but it wont download it keeps pulling up bitbomet and using that to download it but i unistalled bitcomet is there sumthing im doing wrong ??? plz help me

  32. hola, estoy descarganbdo una película por el bit torrent y se quedó en 96.6 % de descarga, siendo la velocida de bajada de 20 a 40 kb/s, se detuvo intempestivamente, no entiendo, pues todos los dias se descargaba,pero hoy que ya estaba por completar, se quedó ahi, lo mismo con otras 2 peliculas que se quedaron en el mismo porcentaje de descarga, si pudieras ayudarme sería genial


  33. i have downloaded U TORRENT & don’t know how to download films or files from it ? i will be very thank full if any body helps me

  34. how can i download files from torrent…dunno where to place the thing i need to download just like in limewire where in the left portion you can type the title of things you wanted to download.

  35. this may be a stupid question, but now that ive downloaded it, how do i make it go? if i click it, the torrent properties window comes up. maybe im retarded or something, but i cant figure it out.

  36. hi there,
    I have one question, after All of that steps, i followed, then i got my utorrent won’t download at all.
    i already until step no. 10, then mine won’t download.
    what should I do?

  37. Ok so I´ve downloaded and got a good ratio….simple question….now how do I view the movie. Please try not to be too technical!!
    Many thanks

  38. Hey people, I got utorrent installed, coupla sites to download em torrents, but… I think it’s literally impossible to manage all the stuff! What the heck am I supposed to do once the file has already been downloaded onto utorrent??? Remove it, and then… I go to my Downloads folder click on the folder of the movie I want only to find a bunch of nonsensical files all over the place that does not look like a movie! I’m literally at lost… so please if there is anyone out there willin’ to help me out, please do. Thx

  39. Really need help with port forwarding, i have no idea what wireless router the campus is using. Is this really necessary to open up a port? Please assist

  40. Hai This is prasad,thanks for giving this much of information about how to install the u torrent i am very happy thanks lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. jutilise utorrent pour downloader tes truc a lécole mais mon download est toujours à 0…rien ne load….je ne sais pas c’est quel router ou truc comme sa…quest ce que je peut faire pour que sa marche

  42. haydee –

    Not that I condone piracy, but you probably need to “unrar” (decompress) the files. This tutorial explains how to extract the movie from the rar files.

    If the .torrent just contained the actual .avi (movie), VLC Player will play it.

    If you’re having trouble actually finding the folder that contains the files you’ve downloaded, I think the default download folder of uTorrent is “download” or “downloads” inside of your My Documents folder.

  43. This is my first time to use utorrent 1.7.7 . Honestly, i just a video from u tube on how can I download a movie, Hancock in particular. The download status has been completed, but I donw know whats next to be done. On how can I view what I have downloaded, and how can I burn it to a cd. Please help. Thanks

  44. The problem is with new versions of uTorrent do not work well with Vista.

    I Run version 1.6, no problem to save files to disk, change back to latest release and can NOT save the torrent file to disk.

    Note to a1987: search google for “VLC PLAYER” It’s free and will play all video files.

  45. hi i recently downloaded a movie…but dont knwo how to play the video…when i open it it plays in windows media player but no picturs com up…..could you plase tell me where im going wrong….

  46. Running Windows Vista.
    Can not save torrent files to H.D.

    Checked I do have ownership and full control of folders where I try to save and where Bit Torrent is installed

  47. i am useding utorrent every thing i download after a few seconds the blue download icon become a red x and a mesage pop up this happen every time and my port is fine i need help

  48. hi, i downloaded my movies but it only opens through limewire though i hv u torrent, and once download is complete cant watch the movie, only can hear, some1 plz help

  49. Im downloading la rush and it always stops at 69%. Where it says avalability, it is all blue and red. The file is approx 1.2gig, thanks for ur time! (and this is my right e-mail)

  50. Im downloading la rush and it always stops at 69%. Where it says avalability, it is all blue and red. The file is approx 1.2gig, thanks for ur time!

  51. hey guys, how can i save nod32 3.0.642 which i downloaded from utorrent to my computer. please help. thanks guys

  52. I have problem to play the movie.I have already downloaded the movie I liked but I can’t turn on.why? what am I doing wrong?

  53. ashuratnagiri

    hi casey
    understood ur problem…
    if you have completed your download of torrent file then do following things…
    right click on torrent file in the list of utorrent software.
    select ‘Remove and’-delete .torrent
    click yes
    go to location where you have downloaded the file on hard disk
    you will find ur file is ready…
    enjoy !!

  54. I have utorrent downloaded and two large programs downloaded I don’t know how to open them when I hit open it says that their is not enough memory avaiable but their is. can you please help me thank you

  55. i got how to download the file, how do i open and install it after it is downloaaded and how do i find “cracks”

  56. Ho un piccolo problema.
    io scarico un pò di canzoni con elephant. Quando però ho scoperto torrent dopo la sua corretta installazione ho verificato questo piccolo problema. Facendo il download di un file torrent mi va nel programma elephant e non nella schermata di download di torrent.
    Come mai accade questo.
    Grzie a chi mi darà una risposta.

  57. ashuratnagiri

    i have downloaded a file of 486 MB using utorrent
    the extension of saved file is .daa
    how to open it?
    it contains almost 100 ebooks
    i need some help…plz
    is anyone there?

  58. Hi, i need help in putting the torrent file on my computer for use after i have downloaded it using uTorrent. Can you please help me?

  59. I have been using uTorrent for two weeks and have lost 52GB of usable space. However, I have only downloaded 9GB of information. Can anyone help me find 41GB of memory? I did stop downloading many items as they didn’t come in or were way to slow. I deleted those items from the file I save my downloads in but is there some temporary file location I need to delete the files from as well?


  60. em using vista and i cant get to another step when it starts downloading ,,,

    9 . So now find yourself a torrent to download. I frequent – it’s a site filled with live concerts from bands that allow audience members to tape and trade. Either open the .torrent directly (as seen in Firefox below) or save it to your hard drive and then double-click it to launch uTorrent.

    the url u have given does not exist and where to download files ,,, when ever i download .. it does not start on u torent file … please make this software work for me .

  61. Nice post! I’ve been using Azureus! However, I’m having problems with torrent files. I think Rogers is blocking the port I left open for this. Do you have anything in mind to show us in the future on how to leave a port open for my torrents?

    I do have a mac :)

    Thanks for your help

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