How to Control uTorrent From a Remote Computer

This guide will take you step by step through setting up uTorrent so that you can connect to it from a remote computer, through a web browser, and control all of your torrents.

Please note: these steps apply to anyone using the Desktop version of uTorrent in Windows (not “uTorrent Web”). If you’re using uTorrent on a Mac or Linux computer you’ll probably have no trouble following along – the steps are nearly identical.

  1. To start the process of enabling uTorrent to allow connections from remote computers, open it up and select Options and then Preferences…
  2. windows explorer with an arrow pointing to an exe file

  3. From the column on the left side of the window, click the “plus sign” ( + ) next to Advanced to expand that menu. Then select Web UI from that same menu.
  4. the uTorrent client Options column with an arrow pointing to the Advanced section

  5. In the Web UI section, place a check in the box next to Enable Web UI in order to turn it on. Then enter a user name and password in the spaces provided in the Authentication section – any username and password will do.
  6. the Web UI section of the uTorrent Preferences

  7. Now select Connection from the column on the left side of the window.
  8. an arrow pointing to the Connection item in the uTorrent Options column

  9. Make note of the port number in the Port used for incoming connections: box. You don’t need to change it, just remember it. As illustrated in the screenshot below, the port I’m using is 1234.
  10. the port uTorrent uses with a red circle around it

  11. Open a web browser on the same computer that you’re running uTorrent on. In the Address field, enter the following web address:

    where “PORT_NUMBER” is the number you made note of in the previous step (#5).

  12. a web browser address bar with a 127 address

  13. You’ll be prompted to enter the username and password you set back in step #3.
  14. enter a user name and password to remote control uTorrent

  15. Ta-da! There’s uTorrent, but within a browser.
  16. the Web interface to remote control uTorrent
    click to enlarge

  17. Now head over to another computer or device with a browser (desktop/laptop, your phone, tablet, web connected TV etc). This time, enter the IP address of the computer running uTorrent in place of If you aren’t sure of the IP address that computer is using, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to determine your IP address in Windows 10 or earlier versions of Windows.

    Once again you’ll be prompted to enter your username and password, and uTorrent will be displayed within that browser window. Click the Add Torrent button from the upper-left corner of the “web based” version of uTorrent.

  18. the web interface to remote control uTorrent in a web browser on another device
    click to enlarge

  19. Choose a .torrent file to load into uTorrent.
  20. selecting a .torrent to add to the web version of uTorrent

  21. And now uTorrent will begin downloading to the computer running the uTorrent app – but you can control it from your other device.
  22. the remote control of torrents on a device not running uTorrent
    click to enlarge

  23. That’s it! Now you can control uTorrent from a remote device!

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