How to Keep Any Windows Program "On Top"

Using the very aptly named (and free) AlwaysOnTop app, you can set any Windows program to remain “on top” of all the others.

Please note: even though this guide is over 12 years old, the software still exists, and still works – even in the very latest versions of Windows 10 Pro and Home.

The installation is straight forward – download AlwaysOnTop, unzip the contents of the .zip file to a temporary folder, and run setup.exe. Once you’re done, run the AlwaysOnTop program from your Start menu. It will appear as an icon in your System Tray.

Right-click the AlwaysOnTop icon in your System Tray and pick one or more running programs to always remain in the foreground. In the example screenshot below, I opted to have a Windows Command box remain on top of all my other programs.

keeping one app window on top of the others

AlwaysOnTop uses a fairly minimal amount of system resources, so if you work better when certain programs are always in the foreground, this app is for you.

a Windows task manager with alwaysontop.exe being displayed
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