How to Accurately Move the Cursor on Your iPhone or iPad

This quick tip will explain how you can quickly and accurately move the cursor around on your iPhone or iPad.

The process to move the cursor around on your iPhone/iPad has changed over the years. As of 2020 (iOS and iPadOS 14) Apple has landed on the the easiest method(s) yet –

The first way you can move your cursor around is to tap in the general area you want to put the cursor, and hold your finger down. A large “blue line” will appear (see screenshot below). Keep your finger held down touching the screen and move it around – the blue line cursor will move as your finger does.

composing an email on an iPhone with a red arrow pointing at the blue cursor

The seconds method is to tap the Space Bar on the keyboard and hold that finger/thumb down. A “light blue” cursor will appear on your screen (see screenshot below) and the letters/numbers on the keyboard will disappear. You can now move your finger/thumb around the screen and the cursor will move with it.

instructions to move the cursor on an iPhone or iPad

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  1. OMB you are a life saver. I thought I would have to grow and then file my nails into a sharp point in order to place the cursor where I want it. ( ;
    You rule – and have saved me so much time. Thanks

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