How to accurately relocate the cursor in Notes for your iPhone or iPod Touch

While typing using the Notes application on your iPhone (or jailbroken iPod Touch) sometimes you want to go back and change or correct something. But it can be tricky to ‘tap’ exactly where you want the cursor to go. Here’s a neat trick I just discovered today – tap in the general area you want to put the cursor, and hold your finger down. A magnified view will appear, and you can “drag” the cursor exactly where you want it.

Update: as reader Philip points out, this actually works in all iPhone/iPod Touch apps (other than some 3rd party programs like Term-vt100).

magnified view of the cursor in notes for the iphone or ipod touch

8 thoughts on “How to accurately relocate the cursor in Notes for your iPhone or iPod Touch”

  1. Yeah si.. esa herramienta es básica y muy elemental y te apuesto ke ahorra mucho tiempo a la hora de escribir mensajes extensos…. tambien la aparicion del dock en la parte inferior de la pantalla con solo arrastrar el dedo es increible son atajos ke te ayudan a navegar mas rapido en el telefono

  2. OMB you are a life saver. I thought I would have to grow and then file my nails into a sharp point in order to place the cursor where I want it. ( ;
    You rule – and have saved me so much time. Thanks

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