How to quickly rate songs in iTunes – OS X

Funes is a song raters dream come true. With all of its faults, iTunes remains my #1 media player. I use Quicksilver to control iTunes, which means iTunes is minimized 99% of the time. So to rate a song I have to bring up iTunes, locate the song, and add the rating. Enter Funes. A small (and free) app that resides in your menu and serves one single purpose – to let you quickly rate the currently playing song. Genius.

funes for os x

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  2. Ross,

    I use iTunes on Windows. I want to know if there’s a possibility of controlling iTunes using universal keyboard shortcuts?

    I know you could use shortcuts like the space key etc. from inside iTunes but is there a way to control it by key presses from inside any app on Windows? I’m looking for a workaround/app that will do this job. Help me if you can :)

  3. @Brook:

    You’re absolutely right. The problem (for me) is that I can only remember so many keyboard combinations – and with Quicksilver I have SO many set up that an app like Funes is worth it for me, just to avoid having to remember six(ish) fewer.

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  5. If you’re using Quicksilver anyway, you could rate tracks using the iTunes Module. It provides several scripts making this super simple:

    Set Rating to 0
    Set Rating to 1
    Set Rating to 2
    Set Rating to 3
    Set Rating to 4
    Set Rating to 5
    Increase Rating
    Decrease Rating

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