How to customize your iPhone or iPod Touch with SummerBoard

SummerBoard is an extension to the iPhone and/or iPod Touch SpringBoard user experience. SummerBoard adds a variety of useful and fun features to your iPhone/iPod Touch, including scrolling icons, wallpaper and themes.

Get started by installing SummerBoard – if you’re using the iPhone/iPod Touch firmware 1.1.3 or higher, you can use Otherwise, head to the SummerBoard home page and manually install it (instructions are found inside the .zip file).

  1. Once SummerBoard is installed, you’ll have a SMBPrefs button on your SpringBoard
  2. smbprefs springboard icon
    click to enlarge

  3. Select it and from here you can customize your SpringBoard
  4. SummerBoard prefs
    SummerBoard Preferences
    the rest of the SummerBoard prefs
    scroll down to see the rest
  5. One of the first things you’ll want to do is check out some of the themes. Select the Themes entry from the top of the SummerBoard prefs. There are 4 themes included with SummerBoard – Leopard, Louie Mantia, Panther and SummerBoard
  6. default list of SummerBoard themes
    click to enlarge

    Default SummerBoard Themes

    Leopard theme for SummerBoard
    Leopard Theme
    Louie Mantia theme for SummerBoard
    Louie Mantia Theme
    Panther Theme for SummerBoard
    Panther Theme
    SummerBoard theme for SummerBoard
    SummerBoard Theme
  7. To install more Themes, open, select Install from the bottom button bar, and scroll down to Themes (SummerBoard).
  8. categories
    click to enlarge

  9. From here you’ll have dozens (hundreds?) of themes to choose from.
  10. SummerBoard Themes list in
    click to enlarge

  11. There are a number of other things you can do to customize your SpringBoard with SummerBoard. One is to “Skip Last Row” – which will set your iPhone/iPod Touch to use one less row, increasing the “black” space between your apps and the Dock.
  12. springboard with last row skipped
    First screen of apps
    another view of the springboard with last row skipped
    Second screen of apps
  13. You can also hide your Icon (app) labels..
  14. hidden icon names in the SpringBoard
    click to enlarge

  15. or hide your Dock labels.
  16. Dock labels hidden in SpringBoard
    click to enlarge

  17. Play around with the various SummerBoard options until you’ve customized your SpringBoard to suit you :)

34 thoughts on “How to customize your iPhone or iPod Touch with SummerBoard”

  1. Hello,
    I am trying to find SummerBoard in the app store on my 8g Ipod Touch.I searched for it on the app store and it hasnt come up in the search results so i was wondering if anyone knew what the problem was finding it.
    Thanks , Holly Taylor

  2. hola perdon por ser ignorante pero no puedo instalar summerBoard, mi iPod es version 3.1.3 alguien me ayuda estoy desesperado!


  3. hey kannst du mir mal bitte die vollstaändige Beschreibung der Installation mit link schicken?

    Das wer echt super cool

    ich hab jetz schon ganz lange nach dem summerboard/winterboard und auch vieles gefunden aber nicht WIE man es installiert

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  5. Hi, after installing SMBprefs and restarting my iPhone I don’t see any themes. Not even the mentioned default ones. Can some one help pls? Tx!

  6. hola!! soy nueva en esto y no se en que parte del installer sale para descaragr el summerboard.. podrian ayudarme???

  7. i have a jail broken iphone – 1.4 software – but i am not satisfied with the limited summer boards with the installer program – i would like to install other summer boards – but i don’t know how to get specific summer boards from the internet (that aren’t in my installer program) into my installer program and eventually on my iphone.
    thanks for any thoughts.

  8. HI. I have the 1.1.4 version. where can I down load summerboard?? Also, is Springboard an app and do I need this one too? I would like to change the apprearance of my iphone.

    Next question….if installer wont load, how can I fix it. It goes back to the home screen after a few seconds. I have boss tools and have moved my fonts and my ringtones. Not game to move my applications yet. Will they still work if I do move them? A friend suggested I free up some disc space.

    Oh, I also have squid! If this helps in the suggestion of how to get installer going again.
    I actually had it work for the first time in ages, so I deleted a heap of stuff, hoping this might do the trick, but as soon as I installed swirly mms and it asked to restart, it wouldnt download anything else and then after restarting it, it wouldnt even load installer again. So I had installer for all of 10 minutes.

    If anyone can help me sort out a few little hiccups, I would be very appreciative.

    So recapping….Summerboard source??
    Springboard source..??

    And then to get them on my jail broken…or was that just broken iphone…1.1.4 iphone,,,how to get my installer working properly again.

    Thanks everyone for your time and patience..especially patience with me , as Im a noob at playing around with this great piece of electronics. Im a convert! I love my iphone!

    Hoping to hear from all of you iphone experts as soon as possible! :o) Id love to hear from you!

  9. heyy mine doesnt work on the version 1.1.4 i tried to select the theme and doesnt take effect how can i fix it???

  10. hola,tengo el iphone 16gb vs 1.1.4,no tengo conexion wifi en el pc y quiero transferir temas y juegos al iphone,utilizo iPhone PC Suite,aunque tambien e probado DiskAid y no consigo ponerle el SummerBoard para cabiar el tema del telefono¿alguien me podria informar?muchas gracias y un saludo

  11. Hola,

    Disculpame de entrada por la pregunta tan idiota que voy a hacer pero soy nuevo en esto,
    ya instale toda la jugueteria pero no consigo moverme entre docks, intento mover iconos y tampoco, puedo hacer todas las jugadas con el SMBPrefs pero no consigo reorganizar mi desktop, como lo podria hacer???

  12. I had to restart my phone. I used to have the halo3 theme and I want it back. For some reason its not on the summerviard themes list. How can I get it. Do u have a source address that I can add to installer to get it back. Thx.

  13. one thing you have to do is restrat the whole ipod touch/iphone in order for it to take effect. that was a problem on mine.

  14. @Nick:

    I just installed version 3.2 of Summerboard, via, on my 1.1.4 iPod Touch. It worked perfectly. Did you reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch after installing Summerboard?


  15. Hey!
    Nice post, read it after the 150 themes one. Might just be me being silly but i have looked quite alot and i can’t find a decent tutorial on how to get SPRINGboard onto you iphone. Just thought you might be interested in havin a go.

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