How to access your iPhone or iPod Touch from the Finder (OS X)

This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to access your jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch through the Finder, via Wi-Fi.

iphone or ipod touch connected to finder window
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Please note: This guide was published back in 2008 and is now considered out of date. Connecting your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to Finder is now the default when plugging it into a Mac.

  1. OK first things first – you’ll need to have the iClarified source added to If you need help adding sources, see this tutorial, and add: as a repository.
  2. iphone sources screen
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  3. Select iClarified from the Install list. Now select AFP from the list of packages.
  4. iphone sources screen with iclarified showing
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  5. Tap the Install button in the upper-right corner.
  6. iphone sources screen install an app
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  7. And then tap the large red Install button.
  8. iphone sources screen confirm installing an app
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  9. After AFP is installed you’ll be prompted to restart your iPhone or iPod Touch. Do so now.
  10. iphone sources screen prompting for a reboot
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  11. When your iPhone/iPod Touch has rebooted, select Settings from the dashboard. Tap the Wi-Fi button.
  12. iphone wifi settings screen
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  13. Now tap the small > button next to the Network that you’re currently connected to.
  14. iphone wifi connected screen
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  15. Make note of the IP Address – you’ll need it in a second.
  16. iphone wifi ip address screen
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  17. Now back in OS X open a Finder window. Select Go from the menu bar, then Connect to Server… from the drop-down list.
  18. finder connect to server

  19. Enter in afp://ip-address-of-your-iphone (where ip-address-of-your-iphone is the number you noted back in step #8) and then click Connect.
  20. finder connect to server window
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  21. After a couple of seconds you’ll be prompted to enter a user name and password. Enter root as the user name, and unless you’ve changed the default root password, alpine as the password. Click Connect.
  22. finder connect to server user pass window

  23. Now you’ll be asked which volumes you want to mount. Select iPhone Root FileSystem and click OK.
  24. iphone connected to finder

  25. You’ll now have a Shared entry titled localhost in your Finder menu. From here you can navigate through all the folders on your iPhone or iPod Touch. As you’d expect, you can open/view files, copy files to and from your device etc. Be careful though, esp. when it comes to deleting or modifying files.
  26. iphone or ipod touch connected to finder window
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