How to Import Facebook Events into the macOS Calendar

This brief tutorial will guide you through the steps required to export Facebook Events and import them to on your Mac.

  1. Start by finding the Facebook Event you want to import into your Calendar. Locate the “3 dots” button (see screenshot below) click it and then select Export event. If you don’t see Export event as an option, this event can’t be saved as an .ics file and imported into your Calendar app. Editors note: we’ve searched far and wide in the Facebook documentation and cannot determine why some Events have the Export event feature and others don’t.
  2. an arrow pointing to the Facebook Events more button and another arrow pointing to Export event

  3. Select Save to calendar and then click the Export button. Your browser will now download an .ics file.
  4. a save to calendar button

  5. Open your Calendar and then select File and then Import…. Navigate to the .ics file you just downloaded, select it and click then click the Import button.
  6. select an ics file to import facebook events

  7. Calendar will pop up a window asking you which calendar you want to add the event to. Select the appropriate calendar and click OK.
  8. choosing a calendar to import a facebook event

  9. And now that event will be added to your Calendar.
  10. a facebook event added to the macOS Calendar app

  11. Once the event has been stored in your Calendar, you can delete the .ics file.

Now that you know how to import Facebook events, why not check out some of the other Facebook guides that we’ve created? :)

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  1. Thanks for the tip! Did not notice the Export link, and had no idea it worked with iCal until now.

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