42 Keyboard Shortcuts for controlling Windows Media Center

If you use Windows Media Center in Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate, these keyboard shortcuts might come in handy. Put your mouse away.

windows media center

Video and DVD

Ctrl+E = Go to Videos
Ctrl+Shift+M = Go to the DVD menu
Ctrl+Shift+P = Play video/DVD
Ctrl+P = Pause video/DVD
Ctrl+F = Go to the next Chapter
Ctrl+B = Go to the previous Chapter
Ctrl+Shift+F = Fast-forward
Ctrl+Shift+S = Stop video/DVD
Ctrl+Shift+B = Rewind
Ctrl+Shift+A = Change the DVD audio
Ctrl+U = Change DVD subtitles
Arrow Keys = Change the DVD angle


Ctrl+T = Go to Live TV
Ctrl+O = Go to Recorded TV
Ctrl+G = Go to the Guide
Ctrl+R = Record a TV show
Ctrl+P = Pause a TV show
Ctrl+Shift+P = Resume a TV show
Ctrl+Shift+S = Stop recording or playing a TV show
Ctrl+Shift+F = Fast-forward
Ctrl+Shift+B = Rewind
Page Up = Go to the next channel
Page Down = Go to the previous channel
Ctrl+B = Skip back
Ctrl+F = Skip forward


Ctrl+D = Display the content menu
Ctrl+Shift+C = Toggle closed captioning on/off
F8 = Mute Volume
F9/F10 = Volume Up/Volume Down

Music (inc. Radio)

Ctrl+A = Go to radio
Ctrl+P = Pause music
Ctrl+M = Go to music
Ctrl+Shift+S = Stop radio
Ctrl+Shift+P = Pause music
Ctrl+F = Go to the next song
Ctrl+B = Skip back
Ctrl+Shift+F = fast-forward
Ctrl+R = Rip a CD


Ctrl+Shift+P = Start a slideshow
Ctrl+Shift+S = Stop a slideshow
Ctrl+P = Pause a slideshow
Ctrl+I = Go to Pictures

  • Ross McKillop February 18, 2009, 12:02 am

    Sorry, I’ve had to close comments for this post because it seems to attract more spam than any other post on my site. And no one has left an actual legitimate comment. Cheers :)

  • Chuck March 24, 2013, 4:17 pm

    Space bar and Enter will go back to the last channel.

  • Scott May 18, 2015, 1:41 am

    I know this post is old but for anyone that wants to shutdown windows media center press alt F4