How to rebuild a corrupt iPhoto 08 database

While migrating your data to a new Mac, or upgrading from a previous version of iPhoto, it’s possible that your iPhoto database may have become corrupt (all photos missing when you open iPhoto, errors when it launches etc). Fortunately, fixing it is quite simple. Follow the instructions outlined below and you’ll have all your photos back in no time.

  1. Launch iPhoto by holding down the option+command (Apple Key) when clicking the iPhoto icon/application.
  2. iphoto dock icon

  3. You’ll be presented with a Rebuild Photo Library window. Though you may not need to check every option, it’s not a bad idea to do so. Click Rebuild when you’re ready.
  4. rebuild photo library settings
    click to enlarge

  5. Upgrading (rebuilding) the Thumbnails will likely take the most time during this process. I had about 400 photos in my library and it took just under 2 minutes.
  6. upgrading / rebuilding thumbnails in iphoto

  7. You’ll see a little Loading photos… status update as things progress.
  8. loading photos

  9. Up next is Rebuilding Thumbnail Caches. This doesn’t take much time at all.
  10. rebuilding thumbnail caches

  11. And before you know it, your iPhoto library has been completely restored.
  12. restored iphoto
    click to enlarge

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